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The Healing Powers of Quartz

Rose quartz necklace

While crystals and stones add an earthy feel to any piece of jewelry, they could be doing a lot more for us than simply making us look good. Reaching back to thousands of years ago, various cultures have used these beautiful natural gems in rituals and healing to keep themselves healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This ancient alternative form of medicine is based on the belief that crystals contain positive healing energies, and that when they are placed on the body or used to adorn it, they will displace negative energies that could lead to disease or instability, and replace those energies with positive ones. Quartz, in particular, carries a lot of association with healing, with each of the many different varieties of quartz containing their own energies and benefits.

Clear Quartz
Clear quartz is said to bring clarity and awakening. It works on all areas of the mind and brings healing power to all parts of the body. This variety of quartz is great for meditation, as it clears the mind and helps to focus. If you’ve got a big project to finish at work, put some clear quartz on your desk or get some cute clear quartz earrings to help clear your mind and release the negative stress.

Rose quartz necklace

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is strongly associated with love, peace and nurturing. It promotes forgiveness, unconditional love, and compassion and helps us  reduce stress, open our hearts, and become more expressive. If you’re ever going through a difficult personal time, like after a rough break-up, get yourself a nice piece of rose quartz and put it on a necklace. In addition to helping inner healing and improve self-love, it is also said to help with the circulatory system, and chest and respiratory issues.

Tibetan Quartz
Tibetan Quartz is considered to be one of the most powerful spiritually protective stones in the world. Found in the sacred Himalayas of Tibet, this stone wards off negative energies by creating a protective aura of white light that only allows positive energy through. It is said to purify and cleanse the body, helping to balance and heal the nervous system and the brain. If you find yourself surrounded by negative influences or people, some Tibetan quartz jewels should be put on your shopping list.

Quartz is just one variety of crystal that is said to help with the energies, and has the added benefit of being very pretty. So next time you’re looking to accessorize, pay some added attention to the types of crystal and quartz you adorn yourself with in order to keep your aura happy!

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