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Say Goodbye to Ombré and Say Hello to Colombré

Woman with colombre hair

While ombré still looks great and always will, it’s starting to get a little bit old. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, you need to try the trendy new style of colombré! It’s like the love-child of ombré and the trendy rainbow style, but takes a bit less guts than going full vibrant and colorful with your hair.

Woman with colombre hair

Colombré is pretty much exactly what it sounds like—ombré but with color! Instead of your locks getting lighter with blonde on the bottom, the hair shifts from a natural tone to dyed colors like blue, pink, or purple–or any other color your heart desires! It’s a great way to get creative with your hair, but it’s much more subtle than some of the other bright color trends that have been taking over. This trend also gives you a lot of freedom to choose your colors. Stick to one washed out color, or even go rainbow, just as long as it starts out solid on the top then you’re rockin’ colombré!

It’s pretty perfect timing that this trend is coming up just after the solid pastel trend, because you can just let your hair grow out! No need to re-dye—unless the color is more faded than you’d like—just let your natural color grow out on top. Though I dig just going one color on the bottom, it also looks super cool to do a few different colors going down. There are so many options between colors, brightness, and color combos that it’ll be so much fun to experiment!

Colombré is a nice way to keep a little color as we transition into fall, without being too bright and holding onto summer. It’s just edgy enough to make you stand out, but not so crazy that your grandparents will be shocked. So if you’re feeling tired with your current color, try these sexy new locks and walk around in style.

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