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Get Graceful with Gloves

Model wears gloves on the runway

No, we don’t mean winter gloves to keep you warm, we mean fun, feminine elbow gloves to make a statement during the fall! This trend is mostly being attributed to Amal Clooney’s appearance earlier this year at the Golden Globes, where her sophisticated white gloves were an ode to old Hollywood glamor. After that stunning appearance, gloves were making their presence known all over the runways for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 season.

Model wears gloves on the runway /

An elegant throwback to the styles of yesteryear, this trend is much more 1950s Grace Kelly than 1980s Madonna. I’ve always loved gloves and have been waiting for them to have their moment again, and I’m so not disappointed. While they can no doubt add an element of class to any dress, designers have been getting very creative with this accessory. Bright colors and full arm lengths were making appearances on the runway, showing their versatility and adding an element of punk or avant-garde vision. Though I’d have loved to see more classic silk styles, it seems like designers are mostly sticking to leather or suede for now.

These gloves are very much on trend with the rest of the retro inspiration taking over fashion right now. If you’re worried you won’t be able to pull off this look and that it’s just for runways and red carpets, just see how you look holding a nice structured 1950s inspired lady-like handbag with your fancy gloves. Just like so much of fashion, it’s all about attitude and confidence, so you might as well get into the spirit and really go for it!

These gloves might not be for every occasion, but you have to admit it’s a nice quick fix if you’re between manicures. If you find yourself invited to a moderately fancy cocktail party, the right pair would be a great compliment to your favorite little black dress. Or even if you’re feeling bored with your work wardrobe and want to add a little spice they’d look great with a sleeveless jumpsuit or blouse and tailored trousers. This trend might not be perfect for all occasions, but they’ll certainly make an impact when worn right!

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