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How to Rock the Right Watch

Woman sitting down wearing a watch

Watches are a key component to any outfit. The right watch will not only keep you on time throughout the day, but will also double as a great, fashionable accessory. As designers get more and more creative with watches and treat them more as a fashion item rather than a practical necessity for everyone, we get a ton of fun and stylish designs.

The look of a watch is especially important these days, as everyone has a smartphone to tell them time anyways, so your watch better be a beauty otherwise it’s just taking up unnecessary space on your wrist. Brands seem to be embracing this challenge with full force, coming up with eye-catching and beautiful watches to keep you in style.

Woman sitting down wearing a watch

This season, color is the name of the game when it comes to watches. Statement watches are the rage, coming in bright prints with some pop-art inspiration. The quirkier the better is the motto this year. Komono is a brand that is really taking this trend to heart, collaborating with artists for some beautiful, artful watches. Their Estelle Andy Rementer Her band is super unique and fun, and is essential a little work of art for your wrist.

Feminine styles with large faces are also in, at the same time as large sporty, masculine-looking watches. I personally prefer masculine styles when it comes to watches—the bigger the better, I say—and oftentimes ends up buying men’s watches. Rose gold is the color of the year and adds a hint of femininity to even a big hulking oversized watch.

The key to finding the right watch this year is finding something that will make a statement. Your watch should really grab people’s attention, so whatever you get make sure you love it! Big and colorful might be in right now, but you can also never go wrong with a classic feminine and dainty look. The right watch can become a staple in your wardrobe forever, so when you find that one you love you better snatch it up!

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