Adhesive Bras

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The world of underwear is big and fascinating. There are many different kinds of panties and bras—all of them meant to make you look and feel sexier and more confident! I have my own set of highly functional underwear which I use for special purposes. One such piece is my pair of adhesive bras.

When and How to Use Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras are made of soft gel-like materials which offer lift and coverage for your nipples so that they won’t show through the fabric. They usually have soft flesh-like surfaces which get in touch with the clothes, and a sticky gel interior which is what would adhere to your skin. They can have connective clip-on mechanisms in the middle, or can be separate pieces of adhesive bras.

They are best used when wearing backless clothing. If you are one of those who prefer showing just the skin and none of the clear plastic bra straps for backless tops or gowns, adhesive bras are great for you. They can also be worn underneath clothes that have sheer back details such as those that have lace backs or mesh backs. They give you the appearance of having no bra underneath while actually giving you complete coverage so your nipples won’t show through and still offer some lift and support.

adhesive bras

To wear these adhesive bras, make sure your chest is clean. It would be best to wear it right after you get out of the shower and when your breasts are already toweled off. Remove the protective sheet of plastic from the gel surface and lean forward a bit so that your breast’s weight would fall into the cup. One helpful tip I use is to completely turn the cup inside out so that the sticky layer forms a convex. Then, I’d stick it right underneath a breast and gently press it onto my skin while kind of hugging the breast in place.

I would suggest avoiding wearing this on hot days when you’d perspire a lot because it might feel uncomfortable and may have the tendency to fall off. Depending on how you place it, it can provide lift and support for your breasts. When you are done, take it off and rinse the sticky surface with some warm water and soap before placing the protective plastic sheet back on.

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