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Fashion No-Nos

Fashion gives you the ability to express your personality. While you can really have the ultimate control when it comes to the clothes you wear, there are still some fashion mistakes that you could be making. These fashion mistakes can make you look really awkward. If you want to avoid looking like a lousy dresser, follow these tips and become worthy of a magazine photo shoot:

  • Never use leggings as pants. If you’re going to wear leggings, make sure your butt is not exposed. Pair it with a tunic or a long top, or layer a skirt over it.
  • Don’t pair sandals with socks. Just don’t. It looks horrible and so outdated.
  • Make sure your clothes fit you well. If your clothes are even just an inch looser, it makes you look frumpy! Find the best-fitting clothes to have an overall great look. Also, make sure you don’t get clothes which are too small just so you’d look voluptuous and sexy. You’d only look like you are wearing something you bought from the kid’s section.
  • Balance your accessories. Make sure you don’t have too much going on all over the place. This gives you a really crowded look and sometimes it tends to look trashy. We definitely want to avoid that, right?
  • When you can’t walk in your heels comfortably, don’t wear them. When you can’t even straighten your knees out or when your feet hurt just after a few steps, your shoes are probably not for you. You’d be better off with nice flats or friendlier wedges to achieve the height you are going for.
  • Another thing about heels—if you’re really short, try not to wear skyscraper heels because they just end up making you look even shorter. Wear medium high heels and try to avoid wearing really long dresses with these.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses and hats indoors. These are made for the outdoors, so don’t be seen wearing these indoors.

There are several other fashion no-nos which you ought to avoid but the ones I mentioned are the top no-nos for me. Avoid these as well if you want to look fashionable and glamorous all the time!

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