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White Sands and Golden Sunshine

I must admit a secret to you.

I recently fell in love again. But shhh, don’t tell my husband. He would be upset. He wouldn’t understand.

It’s a dress. The Pause for Applause dress over at Modcloth. My mind immediately went to daydream mode. All the beautiful summer activities I could be doing in this dress…

I would be headed for a lively yacht party with big cat eye sunglasses and a scarf tied around my head with gladiator sandals strapped to my feet. I would stand leaning against the railing with the wind whipping the few tendrils of hair that got loose from my scarf around my face. I would laugh in the sunlight while holding a glass of champagne in my hands. Later I would slip off my dress and sun myself on the deck in my bikini while reading a novel.

I would wander among the white washed and blue roofed buildings lining the cliffs of a Grecian Island. I would match my dress with braided hair this time. I would watch the sunset while holding hands with my husband.

This dress didn’t just inspire dreams of vacation while as I sat at my desk at work, it also influenced my latest manicure. I try to draw inspiration from everywhere when planning my outfits and even my nails. My nails have rarely been seen sans nail polish since I have been 17, so sometimes a little unique inspiration is just what I need. I mean there are only so many times I can paint them with OPI’s Mod About You before getting super bored. Plus white and gold obviously took me to a place of summer, sea and sunshine, which is definitely a place I love to be. Summer is for sure my favorite season in case you had not guessed. White sands and gold sunshine… yesssssss. Sorry daydreaming again. So I decided to do this UH-mazing “Pause of Applause” mani to brighten my days while I am not on vacation or near sand and sun.

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