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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes – Are They, or Aren’t They?

I am one of the biggest fans of Eva Mendes. I adored her even more when she and Ryan Gosling began dating in 2011. Don’t they make a beautiful couple? However, incessant speculations started to spread about them going their separate ways. Issues about commitment and insecurities were said to be the reasons why their relationship was on the rocks.

But hang on just a second! The 33-year-old hunk actor was recently spotted wearing a silver necklace with a pendant that has the name of Eva’s dog, Hugo. He proudly showed off the necklace on the premiere night of his current movie, White Shadow. The necklace had two silver rings attached to it, but they don’t look like wedding bands. Does this mean that they are still going strong?

Ryan Gosling, who wants to keep his relationship with Eva Mendes private, gave juicy hints about his gorgeous and stunning girlfriend of three years. But he gave no direct comments about his romantic relationship. Many think that the couple has broken up again since they have not been seen together in public recent times. The last time Gosling and Mendes was seen together was in November of last year.

In October 2013, a report given by Life & Style Weekly said that the couple had already ended their romance. A month after the report came out, Gosling and Mendes were spotted together. The sexy actress has confirmed that she and Gosling were still spending precious time together. However, there have been no conclusive reports about the real score between the two of them. Neither Gosling nor Mendes made any official statements about the current status of their relationship. One can only hope that these two would break the Hollywood tradition and last long!

Before Gosling and Mendes became an item, they dated other prominent celebrities. Ryan dated Rachel McAdams who was his co-star in the movie The Notebook. From 2001 to 2002, he dated the versatile actress Sandra Bullock. On the other hand, Eva was in a nine-year serious relationship with the musician George Augusto. Before she became Gosling’s girlfriend, she also dated the actor Jason Sudeikis.

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