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Salon Color vs Box Color

In the spirit of wanting to compare and trying to save money, I have tried both salon color and box color. I’m sure that many are wondering which one yields better results and if the same brand as the one you buy from the box would look good if you have a salon expert apply it. I’ve tried many brands that can be bought in boutiques and even supermarkets, and I’ve noticed the same brands offered on salons. And since I’ve also tried both of them, I can say that based from experience salon color is better.

I know, salon color is more expensive and requires going to the salon to have the color applied on your hair, whereas if you have the box color, you can apply it on your free time at home. It can be hard to cover all areas of the hair if you’re doing the coloring yourself, though. When I was just starting to dye my hair I often missed spots especially close to the scalp at the back, since I can’t see this properly with the aid of just a mirror.

A professional at a salon would see everything and be able to cover every single strand so you end up with better-looking dye. Of course this is more expensive, since you have to pay for the services of the salon expert. Depending on the salon, a full coverage dye job can set you back hundreds of dollars. You can expect it to look good if you have chosen the right color though. One good thing I commend about having my hair colored at a salon is the service of professionals. They can assess the shade you want for your hair and recommend you something else if they think it won’t look good on you. You can also show them some samples of how you want your hair to look and they can come up with something similar.

If you relied on yourself and just bought the dye that looked right, you may be stuck with a hair color that would look severe on your hair.

So if you ask me, if you go to the right salon, every single cent you will be paying to them is worth it. However, some salons ask for a pretty steep price, so I recommend choosing the right salon in terms of rates and services first.

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