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Rhinestoned and Studded Nail Art Designs

For an outstanding and eye-catching look, choose rhinestoned and studded nail art designs. They will provide twinkle and glitter to your nails. Differ from your daily look and go for these extraordinary nail art designs. Rhinestones and studs will make your nails look eye-catching and unique. Here you are provided with a number of rhinestoned and studded nail art ideas, which will greatly help you achieve your desired nail art look.

Rhinestones, studs, jewels and other precious stones appear in various colors, forms and dimensions. It’s up to you to choose the best one for your nails. You may opt for a simple and classy look and put one stone on each of your nails. This nail art design will be great on a French mani. You may add rhinestones and studs both to all your nails and to only one nail. It depends on how many fingers you want to accentuate.

For a more glamorous and bold look you may choose big studs and apply them in quite different forms. For instance, you may put three large studs in a vertical direction on your ring finger or just cover all your nails with these precious stones.

Half-moon nail art design with rhinestones and studs is another choice for you. You may also decorate your nails with pearls, which may be either small or big. Creating different nice figures with pearls and stones is also possible.

Combine small and big rhinestones and studs and create a fantastic nail art design, which will look nice on all nail polishes. Such nail polish colors as black, blue, orange and red are among the stylish hues to choose from.

Rhinestoned and studded nail art designs are especially for those, who seek for a stunning, shimmering and eye-catching look. For a trendy and chic look you may shift from your traditional nail art designs and experiment with rhinestoned and studded ones. They will surely make you differ from your surroundings and turn all the heads to you. An easy way to be noticed!

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