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Ways to Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

There are many things that can lead to having loose skin, such as pregnancy, dropping a lot of weight in a short period of time etc. Of course, having loose skin shouldn’t concern you anymore, as there are many ways that can help to easily tighten it up! Thus, here we present the best ways to tighten skin after weight loss.

Control Your Weight Loss

Dropping a lot of weight in a short period of time not only can harm your health but also can lead to unwanted results, such as the issue of having a loose skin. Thus, control your weight loss and try to lose weight gradually in order to maintain your health and look gorgeous and healthy.

Use of Skin Products

One of the best ways to deal with loose skin is the use of the right skin-firming product. Opt for products that contain aloe vera, and vitamin E and A in order to increase the collagen and elastic state in your skin and easily lead to the desired results.

Cover up Your Skin

Avoid staying in the sun for a long time and especially avoid contact with chlorinated hot water, as these are the main two things that can loosen up your skin even more.

Use Scrubs

Opt for good mineral or salt scrubs, use them twice a day for three times a week and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Keep Your Skin Nourished

A great way that will help to tighten up your skin is the use of a collagen cream. There are many collagen creams designed specifically to tighten up loose skin but if you want to stick with the right product ask friends that have already tested one.

Massage Magic

Massage is the best procedure that humanity invented! And a massage that promises getting rid of saggy skin could be a magical solution for loose skin issues.

Visit a Spa Salon

Visit a spa salon and ask experts about methods that will lead to the desired results. Make sure to read reviews about it to get informed in order to visit the right salon.


In this category we would like to especially mention weight training. In order to reach the results that you want, go for the ideal schedule of weight training for three times a week, as developing your muscles is the best way to have a tight looking skin.

Hydrate Your Body

It is not a secret that water nourishes your skin the best, so make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day in order to have the results of a tight, healthy looking skin.


The best method to lose weight and relieve stress, which can actually help to deal with loose skin as well, is yoga. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t have to visit special classes, as you can do it at home as well and enjoy the results in a short period of time.


Your body has to secure the needed quantity of vitamins but this not always happens as eating cooked food leads to the result of not gaining needed vitamins. What to do? Try to eat raw food as much as possible, add raw food to your diet and soon you’ll be surprised by the results!

Work Your Muscles

Try Calisthenics in order to build lean muscles and tighten up your skin! The ideal schedule includes a complex of Calisthenics for four times a week. This is a fun method with guaranteed results!

Add Lean Protein to Your Diet

Lean protein contains collagens and other nutrients that can help to tighten up your skin after weight loss.

Say “No” to Junk Food

If you deal with loose skin, junk food can be considered your number one enemy, so definitely avoid foods with high level of fats if you want to have a tight, healthy looking skin.

Eat Healthy

The best way to make sure you eat healthy is to add lots of fruits and veggies to your diet! In fact, fruits and vegetables have high water content, which means that they perfectly help to hydrate your body.

Be Picky When It Comes to Body Washes

Especially avoid soaps and body washes that contain sulfates, as these can easily irritate your skin and decrease the moisture level, which will make your skin less elastic.

Avoid Any Chance of Getting a Tan

Tan is one of the main enemies of your skin, as it can harm your skin health and slow down your skin tightening up process.

Remove Chlorine Immediately

Chlorine dries your skin and makes it less elastic, which means that it makes harder the rebounding process of your skin. So, if your enjoy hours in the swimming pool and you can’t imagine your life without your hobby, at least make sure you shower immediately after with warm water.

Use Castor Oil

Don’t be surprised, create a mixture of castor oil, lavender oil and lemon juice, run it into your skin and enjoy the results sooner that you expected to.

Other Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a great way to tighten up your skin! Apply few teaspoons of essential oils around the needed area and rub. Soon you’ll be surprised at the successful results!

Facial Mask on Stomach

Doesn’t it sound weird? Well, whether it does or not, the use of a tightening facial mask on stomach is one of the best methods to tighten up loose skin!

Create a Tightening Astringent On Your Own

You can easily create a tightening astringent the following way: create a mixture by simply adding a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of witch hazel and chopped up rosemary and apply it on your stomach.

Moisturize Your Skin With Almond Oil

Rub on your skin a small amount of almond oil every day and tighten up your skin!

Aloe Vera and Soy Protein

Add these products to your diet or opt for creams that contain them and see the difference! The ideal regimen would be applying such cream twice a day every day as this way you’ll end up with a tight skin.

Pay Attention to Your Cleanser

Pay special attention to the cleanser that you use. In fact, for guaranteed results make your own. Create a mixture of milk, mashed grapes, berries and sugar add oranges as well and easily tighten up your skin!

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