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Polka Dotted Nail Art Designs

Creativity has no limit, when it comes to nail art designs. Each season offers its specific nail art trends, which are worth trying. Polka dotted nails have always been fascinating and stylish. They are among those nail art designs, which never give way and are always trendy.

If you are tired of looking for easy and chic nail art designs, go for polka dots. Here you are provided with a great choice. Polka dots may appear in small or big forms and in quite different shades. They will look nice on any type of nail and on any base color.

Polka dotted nail art is great in case you wish to create something interesting and unusual. They will surely provide your nails with an amazing and exposing look. Get inspired by these tempting polka dotted nail art ideas.

You may create polka dots in various bright colors on a white nail polish. Your nails will have a bright summer look. Purple polka dots will be great on a blue nail polish or vice versa.

For a romantic touch you had better play with black and white nail polishes. You may create a fabulous nail art design with both white and black dots on the tips of your nails.

Try orange or yellow polka dots on your nails and for a complete nail art design add white circles around the dots. You may also join the polka dots with white thin stripes.

Make your creativity work and create different figures with polka dots. Finally, you will get a stunning polka dotted nail art design.

The combination of blue and black polka dots is splendid. You may create blue dots on a black nail polish or vice versa. You may go for either small or big dots. It depends on your personal taste.

Use polka dots on a French mani, using soft colors, such as rose or pink.

How lovely your nails will look if you paint cherries on them. It’s quite easy to create. You should put two red dots close two each other and paint leaves with a green polish.

Go for changes and wear these super-trendy polka dotted nail art designs. They are all stylish and chic.

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