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Ombre Nails Trend and Tips

Looking for easy, yet stylish nail art designs to try at home? Ombre nails are just for you! This is a super-chic and flirty nail trend that appeal to almost any girl. Besides, it’s quite easy to create. If you want your nails to look chic and attractive, you should try a fading color on your nails. Take into account that it will take you quite a long time to create ombre nails, however, if you practice a little, you’ll manage doing it much more quickly.

Ombre Nails Basics

It’s very essential to look for the right tones in order to create ombre nails. If you are for bold colors, you may take two or three nail polish tones and create ombre nails.
If you opt for lighter tones, pick them up bravely, you will surely have a fab look.

Ombre Nails at Home

Here is a very simple way to create ombre nails at home. You just need a sponge (used for makeup) and various nail polish tones. Then you should put these tones on the sponge and gently touch your nail.

You may also blend two colors and apply them on the sponge. Then repeat the same action as in the above mentioned case. Wait till each coat is completely dry. Finally, apply a topcoat, as it will make your ombre nails even.
You may use a polish remover or a brush to get rid of the imperfections.

Ombre Nail Art Trends

Consider that you may create ombre nails both vertically and horizontally. But in the latter you will have to spend more time and patience.
If you want to look stylish, you should apply the combination of dark and light shades.

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