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Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

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If you already have a perfectly tanned skin, don’t think that it’s the top of having gorgeous look, you need to pay attention to your hair color as well. Having sun-kissed skin just makes you change some things in your beauty routine; it requires special colors in everything, even for hair! Tans may appear in golden and yellow shades so the hair color should complete your look and make it as one whole! So, how to choose the best hair colors for tan skin and be sure that you are on your right way? Here we are to help you! Check some options below and choose the best!

Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin
The yellow and golden undertone of the skin sometimes becomes a problem, but that may work for you if you choose right hair colors, which will not make it prominent but will come to fill it.
The best choice you can make and do it without hesitation is giving your hair a reddish base! This reddish base plays with your yellow or golden undertone and makes it look more natural and doesn’t create a feeling of uncertainty.

If you are a lover of highlights mahogany, auburn to chestnut or just dark golden brown will look perfect with your tan. Especially if you don’t want any contrast dark golden brown will be suitable with your tan, it will just continue your tan tone! Yet, if you want more natural look you may try shades of copper and cinnamon for highlights, they are colors that will surly work out good for any tan skin!
Another super option may be from the range of warmer colors like maple brown and for going even darker inky black, dark tones of espresso! They are all look so hot with tanned skin and don’t make mess with each other!

There are also some tips about what color not choose for tanned skin! These especially concern the blonds! You should have at least a bit contrast in your tan and hair color, which will not let you look plain. So if you still stay strong on your blond hair avoid golden and beige blond, as they will give you a kind of unhealthy look. Instead, you may go for champagne blonde or strawberry blond with a little addition of red, which will make your tan look even amazing and even alluring!
It’s so easy to create a perfect look with your tan and hair color, and it is also this easy to spoil that look with the wrong combination of these two! So, don’t be indifferent to this serious beauty mix and try the best hair colors for tan skin presented above!

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