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Refreshing Summer Cocktails Recipes

What best describes summer are definitely refreshing cocktails that you want to sip without a stop to calm down the heat and enjoy the sun. Since making cocktails is so creative, we decided to present you some refreshing summer cocktail recipes that will definitely help you see your summer months in fun. Take a look and get inspired!

Bellini Recipe

Bellini is one of the tastiest summer cocktails. It’s quite easy to prepare. You will just need pureed white peaches (1 ounce), lemon juice (1/4 teaspoon), Prosecco, Grenadine (1 dash) and slices of peach.
First mix pureed peaches and lemon juice together, then add Prosecco and Grenadine. Use slices of peach to embellish your cocktail.

Margarita Recipe

You can easily find frozen margaritas. All you need to prepare this splendid cocktail is the following: tequila (1 or 1/2 oz), triple sec (1/2 oz), lemon juice (1 oz), lime wedge, sugar or salt.
Mix everything and shake. Use lime wedges to embellish the cocktail. Spread sugar or salt on the edge of the glass. Don’t forget about ice cubes.

Classic Martini Recipe

Classic martini offers you quite different flavors. Let’s learn how to make it. You will just need gin (2 1/2 oz), dry vermouth (1/2 oz), green olive (1), orange or Angostura.
Pour the mixture into the pitcher and add ice cubes. Use green olive to embellish the cocktail.

Cocktail Affair Recipe

The cocktail Affair is everyone’s favorite cocktail, as it includes strawberry. To make it you need Grey Goose L’Orange (1 ½ ), juice of Cranberry (1 1/2), passion fruit (1/2), 6 raspberries, syrup (1 tbsp.) and juice of lime (1/2).
Blend the ingredients in the blender and add ice cubes. Use a sieve to make the mixture pass through and fall in the martini. Finally, use raspberries to embellish the cocktail.

Chi-Chi Cocktail Recipe

If you want to have an island feeling, you may try the cocktail of coconut and pineapple. You will need vodka (1 1/2), pineapple juice (4 oz), coconut cream (1 oz), pineapple (1 slice) and cherry (1).
Blend the ingredients in the blender and garnish it with sliced pineapple or cherry. Don’t forget to put ice cubes into the cocktail.

Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

It’s quite easy to get frozen daiquiri. So, let’s make this delicious cocktail. You will need light rum (1 oz), strawberry (1/2 oz), lime juice, (1 oz), powdered sugar (1 teaspoon) and strawberries, either fresh or frozen (1 oz).
Put this mixture into the blender, add ice cubes and shake. You may also decorate your cocktail with a strawberry.

Refreshing Summer Cocktails Recipes

Zombie Cocktail Recipe

If you can’t drink the strong zombie, then go for light rum. To prepare this tasty cocktail you will need pineapple juice (without sugar) (1 oz), lime juice (1), orange juice (1), powdered sugar (1 teaspoon), apricot brandy (1/2 oz), light rum (2 ½ oz), Jamaica rum (1 oz), syrup of passion fruit (1 oz), 151-proof rum (1/2 oz).
Blend all the ingredients, add ice cubes and garnish the cocktail with your favorite fruits.

Sangria Recipe

To prepare Spanish sangria cocktail, you will need sugar (1/4 cup), water (1 cup), orange slice (1), lime slice (1), red or rose wine (1 bottle), sparkling water (6 oz), bananas, grapes and other fruits.
First make the sugar become liquid in water, then put the wine, fruits and ice cubes. Finally cover the cocktail with the sparkling water and serve.

Piña Colada Recipe

You may enjoy this tasty cocktail on the beach. To make it you will need rum (3 oz), coconut milk (3 tbsp.), and shredded pineapple (3 tbsp.)
Blend the ingredients in the blender, add ice and decorate with your favorite fruit.

Taste all these delicious summer cocktails, as they will make you feel fresh in the hot season.

Refreshing Summer Cocktails Recipes

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