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What is Your Morning Routine When You Oversleep?

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Whether your sleep was interrupted by a needy two-year-old or you just hit the snooze alarm one too many times, we have all had those mornings where we oversleep and lose the valuable time to get ready.  How do you get out the door and still look somewhat put together?

  • Hair and body – If you have longer hair, try a quick ponytail or braid. Jump into the shower for a quick wash from the neck down and use the steam to help smooth down those fly-away stray hairs.  Skip the all-over body cream and spritz on a light lotion such as Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray which absorbs in seconds.
  • Face – Rinse your face while you are in the shower. If you were skin-savvy and removed your makeup the night before, you probably do not need to wash again in the morning.  A warm water rinse will help remove the remaining night cream and prep your skin for the day.
  • Makeup – The easiest makeup look for these mornings is BB cream which should blend easily with your fingers (my go-to is Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45), a soft blend-able blush stick (such as Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster® Lip and Cheek Color in Perfect Rose), and a line of eyeliner (like Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner in Crystal Gray). If you feel you need it, mascara can be added with a quick swipe.
  • Clothing – Most of us have that go-to outfit in the closet for days such as this. My closet is pretty mix-and-match on any day so I can grab a pair of grey or black slacks, a colorful top to brighten up a harried day, and either black loafers or black wedges.

And off you go!


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