Holiday makeup sets are here!

Makeup products against holiday lights

And they are everywhere!  If you have been waiting on these terrific sets to grab one as a gift or for yourself, now is the time before they start to sell out.  Personally, I have been waiting to see what beautiful combinations the brands have come up with this year.

  • Some of the best are always the Sephora Favorites makeup sets because they usually contain a variety of brands. They are a great way to try new goodies or to stock up on favorites.  This year they have everything from a bold lip set to a mascara collection as well as several that contain a mixture.
  • Sometimes I like mixed palettes but I usually prefer mine to contain all creams or all powders, otherwise the powders get into the creams and make a mess. But the Bobbi Brown Bobbi’s Beauty Book Eye Cheek Lip Palette is downright gorgeous.  It even includes the brushes as well as a mini mascara and a mini separate lip gloss which is perfect for me.  Obviously for travel, you would have to put the mascara and gloss into your 3-1-1 bag.
  • The smaller Bobbi Brown Bellini Lip & Eye Palette is just as pretty if you want something a little sleeker, and the lip gloss is again a separate item. The adorable and beautiful Bobbi Brown Party to Go Lip & Eye Palette has a lipstick instead of a gloss so you could leave it intact for travel!
  • If you want a kit instead of a palette, check out the pocket-size Clinique Chubby Stick Sampler Set with a lip color, an eyeshadow tint, a cheek color, and a mascara. This one would be terrific for your holiday travel bag!

These are just a few of the amazing sets now available!

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