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Do you take a break from makeup when you travel?

Woman wearing no makeup on vacation

When you travel for vacation, do you tend to forgo your normal makeup routine?  I have seen some of these packing lists that include more makeup for a beach vacation than I wear on a date night at home.  Not only do I prefer a minimalist makeup routine in my daily life, but when I travel, I prefer to wear even less.  For the most part, when I pack, I usually just take three basic products.

  • A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen as an all-in-one morning product so that I can on with my vacation plans
  • A concealer stick just in case of a sudden breakout or if I sleep poorly in a hotel bed and wake up with dark circles
  • A tinted lip balm which in a pinch could serve as a blush as well if I need a little color in my cheeks

I also prefer to have my lashes tinted if I am traveling because it gives my eyes instant definition but I do not have to pack eye makeup remover.

Not only does this lighten my toiletry bag significantly, it also gives my skin a break from the makeup that I wear on a daily basis.  Plus, if I am on vacation, I certainly do not want to spend a significant portion of my valuable time off applying four shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and two contour powders.

I do admit that if I am going on a trip that will have a ‘fancy’ occasion or dinner, I will pack more makeup than I normally take.  For example, if I am attending a friend’s wedding or going on a cruise that will include at least one formal night, I will include an eyeshadow palette and a darker lipstick.

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