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Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Having green eyes means choosing special eye shadows. You cannot just apply any of your favorite shades. While looking for a perfect eye shadow, try to match it not only with your skin tone but also with the color of your eyes. The following makeup tips may be a great help for green-eyed women.

Makeup Tips for Green-Eyed Women

Go for Shades of Purple

Make your green eyes look outstanding by applying eye shadows in purple tones. This shade will create a fantastic contrast with your green eyes. If you have small green eyes and want to make them look bigger, do the following: apply eye shadow in a dark plum tone on the external corner of your eyes and a light purple shade on the internal edge. In case your eyelids are hanging down, go for the opposite version.
Purple eye shadows with blue tones will not be the best option for your green eyes.

If you do not dare to try dark tones of purple, you may opt for shadows in a lavender shade.
Thus, Nina Sutton recommends the following tones for green-eyed women: deep green, lilac and lavender. Violet and plum shades will also look ideal on your green eyes. To accentuate the beautiful color of your eyes you should use metallic eye shadows.
What refers to the eyeliner, go for gray or brown shades instead of black, as they will provide you with a mild look. For mascara, choose a brown shade. It will be ideal with your green eyes.

Avoid Silver Tones

Metallic shades are great for your green eyes, but consider that silver tone is an exception. As for the other shades (gold, bronze or copper), they will make your green eyes gorgeous and sexy. You may also match gold with deep green or brown shades.

Say No to Black Eyeliner

Green-eyed women should refuse wearing black eyeliner. They had better pull off eyeliner in a chocolate brown shade. You may also experiment with plum or gold tones. To make your green eyes tempting you may also try a white liner.

Make your green eyes shocking by using the mentioned above super-attractive makeup tips.

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