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Makeup Tips for Blondes

Blond-haired women should be very careful while choosing makeup colors. It is essential, as the wrong makeup will make your look rude. To get an ideal look and to reach your desired beauty, try the following best makeup tips for blonde women.

Makeup Tips for Blonde-Haired Women

Experts advise the blondes to wear makeup in softer shades. It will be the best choice for them. Apply blush in a peach or pink shade on your cheeks. Try a rosy lipstick on your lips. Blondes are also recommended wearing a red lipstick with an orange undertone.

Go for Pink

If you have blonde hair and look for the best makeup for everyday wearing, go for light shades. Apply sandy yellowish-brown or pink eyeshadow on your lids, pink blush on your cheeks and opt for neutral lips. Try brown mascara instead of black one.

Experiment with Silver

For a prom night blondes may pull off gray and silver tones. For a gorgeous look spread the light gray on your lids and highlight the crease with a dark gray shade. Use a silver liner on your lower and upper lashes. For a complete finish apply blush in a coral shade on your cheekbones and wear a lipstick of the same color.

Different Shades for Blondes

Warm shades are for those women who have platinum blonde hair. Silver, green and grayish-brown shades are great options for your eyes. Such metallic hues as copper and bronze are ideal for your fantastic look. Apply lipsticks in pink or red shades on your lips. Avoid wearing orange lipsticks.
Cherry lipsticks are recommended to those women, who have caramel blonde hair. You may also apply lipstick with a gold undertone. Another great choice for the honey blondes is a red lipstick with orange and blue undertones.
Those women who have golden blonde hair should try different shades of purple and wear a lipstick in a peach shade.

Take Into Account the Color of Your Eyes

While choosing your eye makeup, pay attention to the color of your eyes. The blue-eyed blondes had better make their choice among gray, blue or silver tones. The brown-eyed blondes should go for brown and plum shades. Thus, your face and hair color is very essential while making the right makeup choice.

Blondes are provided with a number of stunning makeup colors. The most important fact is to take into account the mentioned above makeup tips.

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