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How to Find Your Perfect Hair Color

Changing hair color is an important step, as the result may give you confidence and feeling of being beautiful, and the wrong one may spoil your mood and all expectations of the positive changes! The thing is that you can easily avoid these unpleasant feelings just by exploring the ways of how to find your perfect hair color! We are here to show you some tips that will make this complicated process completely trouble-free!

Best Hair Colors for Ivory Skin Tone

In case you have light skin tone, it is advisable to start with medium colors for base and go for a bit warmer highlights! You may even turn them to gold and have a super color! For brunettes it’s even easier, just go for chestnut. For redheads it would be nice to choose strawberry blonde.

Best Hair Colors for Olive Skin Tone

Those who have olive skin tone, as a base should opt for a medium shade of brown with golden or caramel highlights that will give a flattering look to the hair and will match the olive skin tone definitely.

Best Hair Colors for Medium Skin Tone

If you have medium skin tone and really want to go blonde, be careful and attentive not to get brassy hair, as it may spoil the whole look! All you should do is choose right hair care products to protect your hair!

Best Hair Colors for Darker Skin Tone

If you belong to women with a darker skin tone, keep in mind that here you also have a great choice! Actually, caramel highlights look gorgeous on darker skin. You may also try a dark hair color! It looks so natural together that you will feel like it is yours in born!

As you see, choosing hair color is not so difficult, just a few simple tips and you have your so much desired perfect hair color!

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