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Makeup Tips for Brunettes

Brown-haired women have a great variety of makeup choice for their magical hair color. While purchasing the perfect makeup products for you, take into consideration the following important factors: the color of your hair, face and eyes. Brunettes will be greatly impressed to learn that almost all makeup colors will perfectly go with their brown hair. Have a nosey at the best makeup tips for brunettes and always look harmonious with nature!

Makeup Tips for Brown-Haired Women

Brown-eyed brunettes may experiment with eye shadows in brown or purple shades. A gray eye shadow color and charcoal eyeliner will be expressive for  blue-eyed brunettes. If you are a brown-eyed brunette, apply eyeliner and eye shadow in a brown shade.

Bold Lipsticks

Avoid wearing pink lipsticks if you have brown hair. Brunettes are mostly advised to use makeup in rich tones. If you have medium or deep brown hair, go for a red lipstick with an orange-brown undertone. Coral lipsticks and blushes will be fabulous for light brown-haired women.

Eye Makeup and Blush Colors

Highlight your astounding eyes by applying black eyeliner and mascara in a deep brown shade in two coats. Brown-eyed brunettes may opt for any eye shadow tone, while a violet eye shadow with a liner in a charcoal tone is perfect for the brunettes who have green eyes.
What refers to your lips, apply a little gloss. As for your cheekbones, try natural shades. Wear cool violets, rosy browns and metallic shades on your lips and cheeks. Brunettes should be very careful while choosing the shades of red. They should look for a red color with a blue undertone.
A perfect makeup color for your eyebrows will be in a shade lighter than your brown hair to provide you a mild look.

Contouring and Highlighting

Special attention should be paid not only to your brown hair but also to your highlights. If you have blonde highlights, pull off makeup in rosy shades.
If the color of your face is dark and your hair is chocolate brown, go for honey makeup tones. You may try metallic shades, as well.
If you have a fair complexion, you had better refuse wearing lipsticks in a pale purple shade. Do not pull off eye makeup in a silver tone.

We hope, the following makeup tips will help brunettes to get a perfect and gorgeous look.

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