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Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Those women who have blue eyes should apply the right makeup in order to highlight the beautiful and enchanting color of their eyes. If you are attending to a prom night or any other party, you had better try the following makeup tips for blue eyes.

Makeup Tips for Blue-Eyed Women

Choosing the eyeshadow

If you are going to work, go for brown, rose and nude eyeshadows. To highlight your blue eyes you may apply purple eyeshadow, too. During the day, lavender is the best choice for you while for a prom night opt for a plum eyeshadow. Women who have blue eyes may also try golden and silver shades. These colors will perfectly go with the blue eyes.

Creating a smoky look

For a fantastic look apply mascara in a dark blue shade and add charcoal eyeliner. The purple and gray eyeshadows will help you create a smoky eye makeup.
One of the best makeup experts of the world, Nina Sutton recommends applying gray, dark blue and purple shades to highlight your gorgeous blue eyes. You are also advised to use navy mascara to create a gorgeous and attractive look.

Cat-eye makeup

Cat eye makeup is also known as winged makeup. Apply this type of eyeliner and your blue eyes will be extremely impressive. Cat-eye liner will make everybody draw attention to your blue eyes and admire your stunning makeup look.
Any shade will be great for your blue eyes. You have a great choice: black, purple or orange. Do not get surprised, orange eyeliner will accentuate the pleasant color of your eyes. Besides, you can pull off this makeup look both for a party and for a usual walk. For a dramatic look, you are advised to try thick eyeliner.

Highlight your lips

To accentuate your blue eyes, choose the right lip color. You had better wear matte lipsticks. They may be either pink or brown. Dark or glossy lips will shift the attention from your blue eyes. What refers to your cheeks, apply blush in a natural shade.
Try the mentioned above makeup tips for your blue eyes and make them even more astounding.

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