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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed women will be very pleased to learn that all makeup shades will perfectly go with their splendid eyes. Read on the following makeup tips for brown eyes and intensify your stunning eyes.

Makeup Tips for Brown-Eyed Women

There are different tones of brown eyes. You may find your eyes to be either black or brown (light, medium or dark). In both cases, you may freely apply eyeliner in black or brown shades. They will perfectly match with the color of your eyes, making them eye-catching and exposing. You are advised to wear brown during the day and black for a prom night.

Makeup Tips for Deep Brown-Eyed Women

In case you have dark brown eyes, you should try eyeshadows in medium or dark tones. Apply green, gray and plum shades for your deep brown eyes. You may also experiment with brighter shades and go for eyeliners in light tones.
A pale purple color and a dark brown shade may also highlight the brown eyes. Brown eyes will look fascinating with gold and bronze eyeshadows, as well.

Makeup Tips for Medium Brown-Eyed Women

Pull off eyeshadows in green, purple and bronze tones. But consider that medium brown eyes look fascinating with any eye shadow. For a great night you may apply gold or bronze eyeliner together with an eyeshadow in a neutral tone.

Makeup Tips for Light Brown-Eyed Women

Light brown-eyed women are recommended wearing dark brown eyeliner instead of black one. In this case you had better apply gold or green eyeliner and use eyeshadow in a neutral tone on your lids and a accentuate your crease with a little darker shade.
Another great option for your light brown eyes: apply champagne shades on your eyes lining them with a purple or brown color.

Try Mixed Shades

It’s true that to maximize your eye beauty  you should avoid wearing dark-colored eyeshadows. Instead, you are advised to go for the mixed variants. Pair the light-colored eyeshadow with an eyeliner in a dark brown tone. This mixture will help you to have big and outstanding eyes.

Thus, to have your brown eyes highlighted, choose the right makeup color for them. Consider that each eye color requires special eyeshadow tones to look tempting and fascianing.

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