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Makeup for the Weekends

Woman with natural makeup

In the same vein that work suits or workout pants do not always look right at a weekend gathering, work makeup or a bare face may not be suitable either.  But something in between will be great!  Here are some quick suggestions to help you look perfectly polished.

  • Brunch with the girls – Some people will probably show up to brunch un-showered and in something that resembled pajamas. However, we can aim to be a little more stylish than that.  In your dark-rinse jeans and cute fitted sweater, aim for a nude but not naked look.  Blend in a BB cream to even out your skin tone, add a dash of cream blush to your cheeks and lips to brighten up your complexion, and a swipe of mascara to define your eyes.
  • Game night with friends – Once you have on your denim leggings and long comfortable sweater, do not show up bare-faced to your friend’s house. Something similar to the brunch look, but add a tightline of brown or black eyeliner to your eye makeup to further define your eye area.  If your group of friends tends to make you laugh uncontrollably,
  • Meeting a friend for a movie – This is one step further than the game night look, which was built on the brunch look. In addition to the BB cream, cream blush, eyeliner, and mascara, if you are headed to meet a friend for dinner and a movie, add a slightly darker lipstick and slightly more noticeable eyeliner.  Both of these will help define your features without looking too made up.

Overall, these makeup suggestions are designed to make you look pulled together without looking overdone.  Obviously these are for outings and gatherings with friends.  Dates are a whole different ballgame which we can cover later!

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