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Staying Stylish on the Weekends

Woman in stylish outfit

Sometimes we’re tempted to get too casual over the weekends, and live in yoga pants and tee shirts as a rebellion against suits and slacks during the week.  And if you are just running errands or staying at the house, that wardrobe will work just fine.  But what if you have other plans – a game night at a friend’s?  Drinks out with the girls?  A movie?  Brunch?

One of the best options, if it’s not too dressy of an occasion, is a pair of leggings.  They can be dressed up or down, depending on the top and the shoes and the accessories.  Denim leggings are a great alternative to regular jeans, and look great with a long sweater and black booties.  Black or colored leggings can also look very casual but cute.  Some people tend to avoid patterns because they look too much like workout attire, and that can be a legitimate concern depending on the pattern and the rest of the outfit.

The right pair of jeans can be dressed up or dressed down as well.  A well-fitted pair in a dark rinse can look very sleek with boots or heels and a top.  Throw a cardigan on, and you would be ready for just about anything.  A lightweight summer tank top and flip flops can make those same jeans perfect for brunch.

In the warmer months, it is good to have a great lightweight sundress on standby.  Depending on what the outing is, it might be a good idea to top the sundress with a cardigan to stave off the air conditioning chill.  For an indoor movie theater, closed toed shoes will also keep you warmer; if you are headed to a barbecue outside, a sparkly pair of sandals might be in order.

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