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Upcoming 2017 Makeup Trends

Woman putting on makeup

It is time to wake up that makeup bag and see what is trending for this year!

  • Make Me Blush – Please don’t go overboard like some of the runway looks, but blush this year is meant to be seen. Check subtlety at the door and make those cheeks stand out.  That healthy flush adds so much to the brightness of almost any complexion.  Keep the rest of the makeup more natural so that your features are not overwhelmed.
  • Kiss Me Lips – The bold lip is back as well! Try not to wear this trend with the bold blush.  Emphasizing both can be overwhelming.  But if you want to emphasize that kisser, now is the time.  From matte cherry to peachy orange or even fuchsia, make them stand out however you want.  Some daring looks even include grey or purple, but that look doesn’t work for everyone.
  • The Eyes Have It – If emphasizing cheeks or lips does not really appeal, perhaps a pop of color on the eyes will. Everything from teal to plum will grab anyone’s attention.  Color can be daunting so ease into the look.  Smudged and smoky will also emphasize those eyes without being quite as daring.  Think grey or navy to mix it up.
  • Ready to Glow – Radiant healthy glowing skin is hardly ever out of style. Right now it is in with a vengeance.  Whether you choose a creamy highlighter or simply dewy fresh skin, make your skin the focal point.  For an everyday glow, make sure to stick with products that add shine without sparkle.

The only runway trends that might not work for everyday life are the color-blocking eyeshadows or lipsticks, as well as the outright glitter.  That might be a little much for the office or the soccer game.

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