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Upcoming 2017 Fashion Trends

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The biggest overall trend for 2017 seems to be a revival of the 80s fashion trends! Everything does come back around again, and it is time to break out those leg warmers and shoulder pads.

• Power suits – One of the biggest features of a power suit from the 80s is the shoulder pads. Just make sure to soften the look with loose waves in your hair or a soft pastel top so that the look is not too over the top.
• Ruffles – Do you remember the layers and layers of ruffles from the 80s? They are back! It might be best to not go overboard and to just incorporate them into your current wardrobe. Try a ruffled blouse with tailored trousers or a fitted top with a ruffled skirt. We may be flashing back to the 80s but we do not have to go all the way in.
• Off the shoulder – Ah, that slouchy sweater, revealing one bare shoulder. This time around it is more about layering those off the shoulder tops and dresses over tank tops and other blouses. It makes the style less about the visible skin and more about the look itself. Plus, the layered look means you can utilize more of the items that are currently in the closet.
• Mules – If you are ready to add some new footwear to your closet, check out the selection of mules. They come in all shapes and varieties, from flats to kitten heels to sneakers. In velvet, canvas, and even satin. They can be surprisingly comfortable and wearable whether you choose a pair that blends in with your wardrobe or stands out completely.

Just go easy and do not wear all of the trends at once. A revival is one thing, a flashback is another!

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