Best Mascara Tips for the Most Amazing Eye Makeup

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To have astounding eyes, mascara is the most essential thing, you should go for. Here are the best mascara tips for the most amazing eye makeup.

1.  Purchase a Specific Mascara

Whether you want to elongate your lashes or make them thicker, you should go for a specific type of mascara. Consider that you can’t combine all these features in one mascara. There is only one beneficial quality in one tube. Troy Surratt recommends going for nylon fibers if you want to lengthen your lashes. Consider also the types of brushes. Brushes, having plastic bristles, will divide your lashes. While thick ones will make your lashes look thicker.

Best Mascara Tips for the Most Amazing Eye Makeup

2.  Apply Black Mascara

If you want to create the most amazing eye makeup, you should take onto account one of the best mascara tips. The black mascara will go with any hair color and skin tone. Your eyes will look screaming with black mascara. However Susan Giordano recommends trying other tones, as well. If you are green or blue-eyed, you may opt for the purple shade. Brown-eyed women may try mascaras in green and blue shades.

3.  Limit the Use of Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras are removed with great difficulty, so, you are not advised to apply it each day, as your lashes will be damaged. Apply it on special occasions for the most amazing eye makeup.

4.  Apply Curling Tool

If you want to get curly lashes without much effort, opt for one of the best mascara tips and use a curling tool. You should apply it before spreading your mascara on the lashes. Just in several seconds, your amazing eye makeup will be ready.

5.  Make Your Lashes Look Fuller

Here is another essential mascara tip, worth consideration. After you have curled your lashes, go for mascara with a lengthening feature. Apply it on your up and bottom lashes, and then add volume-enhancing mascara. Pay much attention to the lashes, which are in the corner, recommends Romy Soleimani.

6.  Apply Lengthening Mascara in Two Coats

If you want to have the most amazing eye makeup, you had better go for another best mascara tip. You are advised to apply lengthening mascara on your lashes in two coats. First, spread it on one of your eyes and then pass to the other, waiting until it becomes dry.

Best Mascara Tips for the Most Amazing Eye Makeup

7.  Don’t Ignore Your Bottom Lashes

One of the best mascara tips requires paying attention to your bottom lashes, as well. Pati Dubroff, one of the famous makeup artists recommends applying little mascara on your bottom lashes to complete the smoky eye makeup.

8.  Go for Spidery Lashes

You will show your great taste, if you go for spidery lashes. After you have curled your lashes, apply volume-enhancing mascara on your lower lashes, as well. Soleimani advises to go for volume-enhancing mascara in three coats. Then take the wand, keep it in a vertical position and get the desired spidery lashes with metronome movements.

9.  Get Rid of Clumps

To get rid of the clumps is another mascara tip for the most amazing eye makeup. You are recommended using a pure brush and making it pass through your clumps. Consider that your mascara should be damp.

10.  Remove Mascara

Finally, you will have to remove mascara from your eyes. The facial cleanser and the pad will come to help you. They should be high in oil in order to be able to get rid of mascara easily.

We hope you learnt how easily you may achieve the most amazing eye makeup, if you consider these best mascara tips.

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