Simple Primer Tips for the Perfect Makeup Base

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Maybe, you consider primer is not necessary while creating a makeup. However, after using it once, you will be tempted with it. With these simple primer tips for the perfect makeup base, you will be assured how amazing the primer is.

Simple Primer Tips for the Perfect Makeup Base

1.  Primers with Tinted Formula

If you have a boring skin type, primers with tinted formula is your best friend for the perfect makeup base. For a glow finish, apply primers in a light violet shade. If your skin is pale, you had better try lilac tones. To get rid of redness of your skin, you should try primers in green shades.

2.  Apply Little Primer

Here is another simple primer tip for the perfect makeup base. Don’t apply much primer on your face, just a little is quite enough, says Sandy Linter, one of the best makeup artists.

3.  Apply primer on Your Lids

You may apply primer on your lids, as well. If you spread it on your lids, your shadow will not smudge. It hides the redness and provides you with a perfect makeup base.

4.  Apply Primer for Eyelashes

Before going for your mascara, you are recommended applying primer for eyelashes. It will create a perfect base for your makeup. Your lashes will become thick and long. These primers are rich in Vitamin E and glycerin, which are very beneficial for your lashes.

5.  Treat Acne with Primer

Consider this simple primer tip and cure the acne with primer. Never go for another spot remedy, if your primer includes such ingredients, which fight against acne. Don’t apply too much of this product, as your skin may get irritated.

Simple Primer Tips for the Perfect Makeup Base

You may either purchase a special primer for lips or apply the one you use on your face. Primer will create a perfect base for your lipstick and you will have no lines on your lips.

7.  Complete Your Makeup with Powder

After applying your makeup, you had better opt for this simple primer tip. Complete your makeup with powder or apply tinted moisturizing product. Due to the silicones that are packed in primers, your makeup will be amazing.

8.  Apply Primer on Your Decolletage

Primer is great not only on your eyelids, lips but also on your décolletage. The silicones, which are high in primers, will make your makeup even and remove the fine

lines. Apply primer on your neck and shoulders, as well. In this way, your skin will be rejuvenated.

Consider these simple primer tips for the perfect makeup base and you will be able to look thrilling during the whole day.


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