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6 Gorgeous Fall 2014 Makeup Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week offers exclusive makeup looks for fall 2014. Bold colors on the eyelids and on the lips are dominating o the runways. Here are 6 gorgeous fall 2014 makeup trends from Paris Fashion Week.

1.  Bold Eyeliner at Chanel Fashion Show

At Chanel Fashion Show, everything was overwhelming. Here the neon eyeliner draws much attention. To get this makeup, the stylists used the silver tone on their models’ eyes and then went for such bold shades of eyeliner as green and orange, applying it on the upper lash line. The peach shade on the lips completed the fresh look.

2.  Latex Shadow at Dior Fashion Show

Pat McGrath, a great makeup stylist, offered another gorgeous Fall 2014 makeup trend. She played with two striking shades: blue and green, which she used to create an urban look. She achieved a greenish eye shadow with golden undertones. As for the blue shade, Pat McGrath used pencil eyeliner to outline the form and then applied the latex makeup. After drying, she went for the blue liquid and added glitter.

3.  Liquid Liner at Anthony Vaccarello Fashion Show

Tom Pecheux, a great makeup stylist, went for a speculative and an edgy makeup. This gorgeous fall 2014 makeup trend also gives a rock ‘n’ roll look. Tom used liquid liner in a black tone and created several lines with a red lipstick for an artsy look.

4.  Black Eyelids at Lanvin Fashion Show

To create one of the gorgeous fall 2014 makeup trends from Paris Fashion Week, you should take an angled brush and soak it into the gel and paint dense lines. Then add liner in various ways on your crease and smudge the edges. Apply false lashes to get a screaming look.

5.  Smoky Eye Makeup in Lavender Shade at Nina Ricci Fashion Show

McGrath created a smoky eye makeup with a lavender shade. The makeup stylist first applied the grayish-brown shade on the eyelids and under the lower lash line and then went for the lavender shade, creating one of the gorgeous fall 2014 makeup trends.

6.  Blue Shadows at Kenzo Fashion Show

Get inspired by the blue eye shadow from Kenzo fashion show. This makeup will go perfectly with any skin color. Aaron de Mey used an angled brush to create wings. He made them a little up and stretched out. Besides, he went for precise lines.

After getting acquainted with these 6 gorgeous fall 2014 makeup trends from Paris Fashion Week, opt for any of them for a glamorous look.

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