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Style and Beauty Mistakes That Make You Break Out

Woman examining pimple on face

woman looking at her face Probably, you pay much attention to your beauty and try stay away from any style mistakes. Maybe, you don’t even imagine that many skin care habits are the real enemies to your glowy complexion. Below we have picked up several style and beauty mistakes that make you break out.

1.  Accessories, Makeup and Phones

You can find sticky substance on the screen of your phone and on other accessories, such as on your hat and scarf. Your makeup may also contain dirt, which may break you out. You are recommended cleaning your skin just after removing your accessories. Wash your hat, scarf and headpiece quite often. Sterilizing is another great solution.

2.  Don’t Look into the Mirrors Too Often

If you look at your face regularly into the mirror, you will be tempted to touch your face. To stay away from this style and beauty mistake that makes you break out, you had better go for surfaces, which reflect. Don’t spend much time in front of the mirror, just create your makeup and hairstyle and move away. Otherwise, your skin will be exposed to bacteria. In this case, you will have to opt for face masks.

3.  Don’t Go for Overscrubbing

Here is another style and beauty mistake that makes you break out. Instead of applying scrubs on your face each day, opt for exfoliation with a brightening feature twice a week. Harsh scrubs may cause inflammation. Overscrubbing may also remove the moisture from your face.

4.  Spatter Water on Your Face

If you don’t want to face any style and beauty mistake that makes you break out, you should spatter water on your face each morning. It is a great start, as you have cleaned your face only the night before. You will be surprised to learn that in the morning your face will be dirty, because of products, applied at night. Spattering water in the morning, you will get rid of the waste.

5.  Stay away from Junk Food

It is known that junk food leaves its bad influence s on your body. Your hips and thighs suffer greatly. Instead of going pizzas and cookies, go for greens, fruits and nuts, which are high in healthy vitamins. They are also filled with fiber, which is great for acne and provides you with a fresh complexion. Thus, avoiding junk food, you will be deprived of making beauty mistakes.

6.  Pay Attention to the Cocktails

Cocktails will make your skin dry and cause spots. There may also appear acne on your face, if you overuse cocktails. This style and beauty mistake can make you break out. You are not advised to opt for cocktails, which are high in syrups and sugar. Instead, combine your cocktail with a cup of water, if your skin is inclined to pimples.

7.  Take a Shower after Workout

After working out, you may sweat a lot, and staying in your wet sport outfit, you will make another beauty mistake that makes you break out. Later you will have to suffer from acne. You are recommended taking a shower just after working out or remove the sweat with cleansers and change your outfits. You may also choose fabrics, which dry quickly.

Enjoy your clean face, avoiding these style and beauty mistakes that make you break out. 

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