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How to Style 60s Sleek Hair

Model with 60s style sleek hair

In 2014, the runways of Fashion Shows feature hairstyles, which look natural. At the Versace show, you are offered hairstyles in the 60s vibe.

The great hairstylist Guido Palau of Redken modernizes the 60s hairstyle and makes it super sleek with extra texture for 2014. It is one of the stunning and stylish looks for each woman.

If you want to know how to style 60s sleek hair, have a look at this tutorial.

1.  If you don’t want to spend much time on your hair drying, you may use hair primer on your wet tresses. You may also avoid applying it and give much time to the drying process.

2.  To provide your hair roots with texture, you should go for a texture-enhancing spray or opt for mousse.

3.  Then, dry your tresses with a blow dryer and use a brush, having soft bristles. After it, you are recommended applying hairspray.

4.  To create the desired super sleek hair, use a flat iron and straighten your tresses. To achieve better results, you are advised to work with small hairpieces.

5.  After making your locks straight, comb them back with a brush, as it will lift your hair roots and give the wanted texture. Begin working from the beneath of your crown and gradually get to the top part of your head.

6.  Complete your look with a side section. Section only the front part of your head and pull the rest of your locks back and tease. Make the front hairpieces sleek and get a polished look.

Though you will have to spend much time on this 60s sleek hairstyle, the result will be satisfying. This hairstyle is a link between the 60s and this year, providing you with an unforgettable and divine look.

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