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Jojoba Oil and its Multiple Uses

Jojoba oil on table

Jojoba oil is one of the best natural oils you can use as a beauty treatment because it so closely mimics the skin’s natural oils.  It can usually be found relatively cheaply and a little bit goes a long way so it is extremely cost efficient.  It is full of essential vitamins and minerals (vitamin E, copper, B-complex, zinc, and iodine) to help boost the overall health of our skin and hair.  Personally, I like to travel with a small bottle because it is so multi-purpose!

Here are just ten of the many uses for this lovely oil:

  • It makes a wonderful eye makeup remover.
  • Once you have removed your eye makeup, also try it as an oil cleanser for the rest of your face.
  • It works as a terrific face and body moisturizer, or even as a bath soak.
  • Ditch the chemicals and try a few drops as a hair conditioner and frizz smoother.
  • You already like oil cleansing, so try it as a pre-shampoo scalp cleanser or hot oil treatment
  • Some of us are caught between fine lines and acne, but jojoba works great at treating both.
  • Since you already have it in the shower for your hair, try it as a smooth and gentle shave oil.
  • Your cuticles will thank you if you dab on a drop or two every day.
  • Your feet will love you as well! Try massaging it into the rougher areas and sleep with socks on.
  • Last but not least, it makes an exceptional carrier oil for any of your essential oils or beauty recipes.

In short, this lovely golden gem can really be used from head to toe and on everything in between!

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