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How a Quarantine Beauty Routine Can Boost Your Mental Health

Woman in bath

Due to everything that has happened this year, it seems that we need to take care of our mental health now more than ever.

So far, 2020 has had three-decades’ worth of events all packed into just a few months.

One of the biggest being the coronavirus and its consequences.

Now, while much of the world remains quarantined, it is necessary to take care of yourself in any way possible. That is, to take care of your health, both physical and mental.

It might sound crazy, but your beauty routine can actually help you do that!

Importance of Mental Health

While mental health has undoubtedly been important since people developed consciousness, it is only in recent years that it started receiving the focus it deserves.

Earlier, people’s struggles with mental health were dismissed, deemed unimportant or, at least, less important than physical ailments.

In fact, millions of people do not receive the help they need because of the stigma surrounding mental health.

But, thankfully, this is beginning to change. In recent years, people are being encouraged more and more to speak openly about their mental health and to, thankfully, take care of themselves in that regard.

Mental health is something every one of us should pay heed to. Essentially, it is one of the most important factors in a healthy, balanced life. It impacts your overall emotions, behavior and thoughts.

So, it’s definitely not to be neglected.

Quarantine, Quarantine, What are You Doing to Me?

Sad woman looking out window

While we all know that quarantine is the best solution we’ve got under these circumstances, since it’s the best way to prevent transmission, it also comes with its fair share of problems.

First of all, separation from loved ones is a major problem that has affected almost everyone. While it was even worse during earlier epidemics, when people had no way of contacting their loved ones, today’s situation is no pickle.

Even with today’s technology, many people feel the need to see and connect in person with other people. After all, humans have spent the past thousands of years looking for comfort in one another. The need for closeness is also ingrained in many individuals. But without that during current circumstances, many are feeling a bit lonely.  

Also, we are unable to go out whenever you want, and if we do go out, we have to be extra careful with what we touch and where we go. And this can definitely cause major stress.

So, while we’re waiting to see what this year will send our way next, we need to start taking care of ourselves and our mental health.

The Impact of Quarantine on Mental Health

These past few months of the pandemic have truly been… challenging, to say the least. With no end in sight, many people seem to now be wondering how to deal with its indeterminate nature.

How to deal with the fact that no one seems to know how or when the pandemic will end?

In addition, there are simply too many issues to juggle right now, leaving many people feeling overwhelmed.

There have been studies that show the impact of quarantine on people’s psychological state, and, truth be told, it’s not a very optimistic list.

Some of the effects of quarantine on mental health included:

  • Exhaustion/emotional exhaustion
  • Low mood
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Detachment from others
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Poor concentration
  • Indecisiveness
  • Deteriorating work performance

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There can also be some long-term consequences of quarantine, as well, such as substance and alcohol dependency.

There are some factors that indicate how you will cope with stress under these circumstances – your current mental health, your ways of coping with stress, your overall personality and the duration of the quarantine.

But there are some “tricks” that can help you get through the day and ease a bit the uncertainty of it all.

How Can a Quarantine Beauty Routine Boost Mental Health?

Woman cleansing face

People have been complaining left and right about the days blending together. From Monday, we jump straight to Thursday, if we even remember to check the calendar.

Without places to go and people to see, i.e. the regular commitments we used to have, it may look like days are starting to lose their purpose. Which then, unfortunately, can interfere with our own feeling of purpose.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal in the midst of a global crisis, but remember what we mentioned earlier, about not diminishing your own experience?

Yeah, don’t do that.

And one of the first things to “go,” so to speak, is our care about appearance and even our self-care routines. Without anywhere to go and anything to do, why should we dedicate our time to our appearance?

Ay, there’s the rub.

And you don’t need to, not really, not if that’s not something you used to do earlier.

However, going from diligently following your beauty regime to completely disregarding it does raise an alarm. And actually, “getting back on that horse” can help you immensely.

Here’s how it can benefit you during these trying times:

It Provides Stability

This entire period is odd in many ways, but mostly because we are… well, stuck. From going everywhere we wanted and doing everything we wanted, now we have to (albeit with good reason) stay at home.

For quite some time.

And for many, this means that the structure to their day is seriously disrupted.

A lot of people usually complain about routine, claiming it is boring. However, routine is simply crucial for our overall health. In fact, some studies proved that people with less consistent routines in a day were more likely to suffer from loneliness, mood problems and even depression and bipolar disorders.

Routines do not just include your work, although that is a big part of it. They include eating, exercise, hobbies, and, yes, even your beauty routine.

They can truly become a comfort in your everyday life during quarantine, serving as an anchor. Stability is definitely something we have desperately needed these past few months. So let your beauty routine help you get back on track.  

It Can Help You Cope With Stress

Woman in bath with face mask

By simply doing something that calms you can help you get rid of the stress of the day.

Imagine this: you’re relaxing with a facemask on, letting it do its business, while you simply chill and release all the accumulated tension.

Leave the stress of the day behind and relax while going through the motions of your skincare routine.

But it doesn’t have to be anything big, mind you. Even the small act of spreading body lotion on your body can ease the tension in your muscles made from the worry and the uncertainty you’ve been carrying on your shoulders.

It Can Boost Your Confidence

As we’ve mentioned before, if you’re used to pampering yourself in normal circumstances, you should continue with that during quarantine. If you usually use makeup on a daily basis, what’s stopping you from doing that now?


We think not.

Your beauty routine can boost your confidence level significantly, which is something we all agree is needed even more during these times when all we want to do is binge watch any show on Netflix and possibly just sleep. Again, you don’t have to shoot for the stars. You will notice a change in your confidence levels even after a simple act of cleansing your face.

It Can Improve Your Mood

Woman in bath reading book

One of the best ways to help yourself is to create a routine that you will actually enjoy, using products that you love.

Doing something that you enjoy, combined with pampered skin, will actually lead to a significantly improved mood.

If you want some additional flair, you can set the mood by lighting up a few scented candles, playing your favorite music or having a cocktail or two (or, you know, a glass of wine, whatever works for you).

However, if you’re thinking about trying out some new face mask or product out there, be mindful of the fact that at this time, you’re not going to be able to go to a dermatologist whenever you need to. So, always do a patch test before testing something out. It’s not that complicated, but it will save you a whole lot of trouble later on.

While beauty routines in themselves are comforting, you can also get fulfilment from the simple act of planning it. Some studies show that expecting positive events activates areas of your brain associated with well-being.

First, you get the benefit of planning the entire experience. Then, you get the actual experience and the relaxation that comes with it. What better way to boost your mood than this?

It Can Ease Your Worries

Now, one fact has been proven particularly true during lockdown.

When left alone with our thoughts, some of us are not doing so well.

And that is perfectly normal.

However, intrusive thoughts can lead to spiraling, and that is something you should try to avoid. You can try to break your negative thoughts and the spiral with a little bit of self-care.

Some psychologists believe that idle time, i.e. time when we’re not doing anything particularly important, can lead to excess worry, which, in turn, can severely worsen any signs of depression or anxiety you may already be feeling.

But, if you go about your beauty routine, if you take the time to, for instance, pamper yourself or cleanse your face, you can focus on that, get out of your head and successfully stop the spiral.

It Can Help You Bond with Your Family

Mother and daughter using skincare products

 Some experts suggest doing your beauty routine with a loved one.

Why, you may ask, if you did it alone earlier?

Well, as we’ve said, isolation is a tricky thing. And it can leave you feeling alone and, guess what, that is not something you need on top of your problems.

However, spending time with loved ones doing enjoyable activities can increase your overall sense of happiness. Both for you and the other person(s).

This can be your ritual that will improve your family bond and your skin, as well!

And ultimately, this is what self-care is all about – reaching a balance of physical and mental wellbeing.

You can do this with your significant other, your kids and even your parents. Your beauty routine can become a family beauty routine in a jiffy, with so many added benefits.

If you really want to make a family activity fun, you can make your own beauty products (but don’t go too crazy, now). You can always make a DIY face mask out of the stuff you have at home. Making and using your own products will turn into a fun, bonding activity that your entire family will enjoy.

Care About Yourself

Now, in general, the best thing about this quarantine/isolation is the fact that we are now more likely to learn how we can be kind to ourselves.

So many times, we skip something we need, too caught up in the general hustle and bustle of life. And while that is not necessarily a bad thing, it can have some poor consequences.

Now is the time to truly care for yourself. And caring for yourself is, truly, an act of kindness.

So, if you can, when you can, try to find joy in the little things, even in your beauty routine.

It will help you immensely.

Woman looking in mirror

Reaching Out For Help

Mental health issues are known to impact everyone differently.

However, if you start to notice changes in your relationships and your general happiness level, it might be time to reach out and get the help you need.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, due to the stigma surrounding mental health, many are reluctant to do that. Some believe that they need to deal with that on their own, that this is their problem.

But that usually only leads to suffering in silence.

Today, there are many forms of help. Sharing your experience with friends and family might help you, there are support groups, you can talk to professionals. Those are all options meant to help you not deal with the issue on your own.

Choose the best for you. Take care of yourself and your mental health. 

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