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Why You Should Rock Sand-Art Hair This Summer

Pop-coored bottles in a row

Any kid who grew up in the 90s remembers sand-art. I personally had a very tumultuous relationship with these strange bottles of sand. They were a go-to present for a few years, as everyone in my life seemingly had no idea what else to get for a pre-teen girl. Dumping colourful sand in a bottle and making cool designs would be fun for a bit, and I’d admire my work for a while before I’d inevitably drop the bottle and ruin it, spilling sand all over myself and my surrounding. So, needless to say, the mention of sand-art or anything remotely similar to it has always been subtly anxiety-producing for most of my adult life.

I can't look without cringing
I can’t look without cringing

Until now.

shutterstock_221627242 shutterstock_248904043

Stylist and colorist Rebecca Taylor had the brilliant idea of taking the look of sand-art and transferring the canvas to the human head, and the results are absolutely beautiful. Teaming up with professional hair-color brand Pravana, Taylor debuted the look to promote Pravana’s Vivids Locked-In line of products. The finished product looks like the ombre trend and the rainbow-hair style had a baby, and it absolutely blows my mind. It’s truly a wonderful collaboration between style and art, giving colorists the opportunity to let their creativity and talent shine. Not to mention it gives the client the chance to literally light up any room they walk into.

This trend is the perfect answer to the grey and washed out color trends that have been making the rounds for the last year. With the vivid colors of sand-art hair, you’ll definitely stand out over the dull grey-tones and set yourself apart. It’s perfect for the summer season, as the beautifulcolors shine and sparkle in the sun, and you’ll be sure to make a splash on the beach. The look is quickly popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest, and you can bet it won’t take long before the most stylish of celebs give a try too. So wow your friends now, and get in on this trend before it really blows up!





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