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Dressing Down With Sneakers: The Perfect Dress and Sneaker Combos

Woman's running legs in sneakers at the beach

It looks like the sneaker trend is here to stay! Now that the summer heat is upon us and we’ve officially entered into sundress days, it’s time to bring this trend into the next season by dressing down our dresses with our favourite sneakers. This look is casual but cute, is just a little bit different, and is obviously super comfortable. Say goodbye to sky-high heels, and say hello to comfort!

Whether you’re rocking a tight, body-hugging dress, a casual skater dress, or a classic sundress, you can never go wrong by pairing it with some Converse high-tops for a cool, relaxed look. And don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice femininity with this trend; keep it flirty by pairing some slip-on sneakers with some cute frilly lace socks, or find a pair of girly floral print Keds. For added fun, try tying your maxi in a knot at the bottom and pair with your fashion sneakers or some flashy Adidas for a sporty chic look!

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hem lengths or mix and match with prints and solids. If you want to get really adventurous, look for the perfect pair of socks to really complete the look. A short dress or mini-skirt with some knee-high socks to compliment your sneakers will really make you stand out. The spirit of this trend is so low-key and fun that you can really do no wrong!

I absolutely love this trendy combo because it shows that you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort in order to look great; all you need is a cute dress, your favorite pair of sneakers topped off by some nice sunglasses and you’re ready to go out and wow the world this season. So throw those stilettos back in the closet this weekend and give your feet a break while still looking super chic!

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