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Introstem Review

Introstem Stem Cell Night Rejuvenation Serum, Introstem Stem Cell Activation Serum, Stem Cell Dark Circle Eye Cream

Have you heard about stem cells? Before I came across the Introstem brand, I was vaguely familiar with it. I always knew that it was supposed to mimic other cells in the body and could be used to help treat all sorts of diseases. But other than that, I wasn’t too familiar for exactly what it could offer for my skin.

After getting introduced to the Introstem line, I realized that stem cells actually had a number of skin care benefits to offer. Since these cells act like chameleons in the body, they can mimic other cells. This property became particularly useful in skin care because it allowed stem cells to help the skin look younger, better and flawless.

The Stem Cell Activation Serum is one product that really interested me. The product box offers in-depth instructions on how to use the product. And I realized the hard way that a little bit is enough for your entire face. The serum has been formulated for regular use and it needs to be used as a part of the morning skin care regimen. I began using this product a few days ago, but the results are already quite evident. In fact, you should start seeing subtle differences from the very first application.

Better yet, the brand cares about your face and also about your eyes. So many skin care brands don’t have special products for the eye area, and I think that’s really sad. And it’s a bit crazy, considering the fact that the signs of aging usually appear around the eyes. So I was delighted to see the Stem Cell Defining Eye Serum and the Stem Cell Dark Circle Eye Cream. One for anti-aging and the other for removing dark circles. Now that’s perfection. I think adding both products into my regular skin care regimen should have me covered in the eye department.

Before I end this article, I have to say that the stuff already seems to be working. Despite using both products for less than a week, I can already see a major difference in my skin. My biggest issue was that I applied makeup on a day-to-day basis, and often forgot to wash it off at night. This meant that my skin had suffered from a lot of damage over the years and had gained an aged appearance. I cannot comment on the long term anti-aging benefits as yet, but the initial signs seem extremely promising. And as for other issues, the company actually delivered on its promises. My skin has begun to look smoother and so much more even.

I don’t know about you guys, but I will certainly want to spend my hard earned $$$ on brands that work, even if it costs me a dollar or two more, rather than wasting money on drug store brands which simply seem to compound the issue. Have any of you guys used Introstem products? If so, I welcome you to share your experience using the comments below.

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