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What Your Bangs Say About You

Woman on phone with short bangs

Ladies, your hairstyle might just be your most significant fashion statement. It’s easy to change your clothes, shoes, and makeup, but the way you style your hair can either make or break a whole look.

Have you ever wondered what message your hairstyle is sending? With the different cuts and colors available nowadays, it’s easy to style according to your personality. But there remains a style that has divided women into skeptics and believers, quite literally.

And that is the most iconic of all hairstyles: the bangs.

Some women embrace the bangs hairstyle because they were blessed with a high forehead. The bangs cover and camouflage the broad area to create a balance in the face. However, most women who prefer to wear bangs do it to be trendy and fashionable. Among the several things they have to consider is length to create the balance of facial features.

Others who don’t like having bangs usually have the opposite physical characteristics. But even if you have a small forehead, sensitive skin, or greasy hair, the good news is you can still wear bangs! Bangs have survived centuries and will never go out of style. You just have to put some effort into it.

The Language of Bangs

Woman with bangs and long hair

Using the right jargon when consulting with your stylist is essential to getting the cut that you want. You also need to understand that getting a fringe is a commitment to looking your best. Luckily, there are different types you can choose from according to your preference.

Bangs accentuate the eyes and remove attention from your forehead. It can help make an oval face appear short, camouflage specific skin issues, and ultimately boost your confidence.

For all the practical reasons for wearing bangs, the final decision has to come from you and what you think you are most comfortable with. Bangs can say more about yourself than you may be letting on.

Here are eight common types of bangs and what they say about you.

Blunt Bangs

The most basic is blunt bangs, which are bangs cut straight across. The length of the cut barely covers the eyebrows. This style fits a basic bob or long hair.

If you have blunt bangs, you carry yourself more confidently than other women your age. You have a strong fashion sense and tend to be a perfectionist. You like to keep things in order, but you are definitely versatile when it comes to your professional skills. However, when it comes to decision-making, you are likely to stay firm once you have decided.

Straightforward, disciplined, and a little conservative, a woman who wants to be seen as a no-BS kind of woman should consider the blunt bangs. 

Choppy Bangs

3 women, one with choppy bangs

Unlike the blunt bangs, choppy bangs are cut at varied angles and lengths. These textured bangs are often fit for long and round face shapes and can match almost all haircuts.

If you have choppy bangs, you are a flexible, well-rounded individual who likes to have fun. You don’t mind the messy look because your confidence in your style can pull it off anyway. You can be the life of the party, but you also tend to introspect when you’re alone. Sometimes, your emotions can get too intense, causing drama for the people around you.

Compassionate, loving, and grounded, a woman who wears choppy bangs desires to be loved and flattered because she is capable of doing that and more for her loved ones.

Baby Bangs

Also known as micro bangs or mini bangs, this style cuts the bangs blunt or textured between the hairline and the middle of the forehead. Baby bangs give out a sultry appearance and fit short wavy hair or medium-length layers.

If you have baby bangs, you’ll likely be a hipster and want to stand out from the crowd. You are a rebel and prefer vintage clothes as your go-to style whenever you are seen on the streets. Your style is to leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet, but couldn’t care less if it’s a good one or a bad one.

Artsy, quirky, and creative, a woman who wears baby bangs wants to appear edgy, but is actually sweet and caring on the inside.

Curtain Bangs

Woman with bangs painting

Center-parted bangs look like a curtain that frames your face, thus the name. Typically, curtain bangs have a staggered length that starts short from the center and is longer in the outer corners. This style is ideal for hair updos and women with long, thin faces.

If you have curtain bangs, you are observant and always ready for worst-case scenarios. You care about the opinion of others and have been called a people-pleaser in the past. You don’t have a fixed style in terms of clothes or makeup, but you like to keep it simple because accessories are your middle name.

Carefree and crafty, your friends always come to you for support because of your sincere and positive attitude.

Soft-Textured Bangs

Soft-textured bangs are closed curtain bangs. This style covers the whole of the forehead with the corners of the bangs hitting the eyelashes. Others call it feathery or wispy bangs due to its lighter look compared to full-on, blunt-cut bangs.

If you have soft textured bangs, you are charismatic and adventurous. You are young at heart and attractive, which makes you good at flirting. However, most of your problems arise from miscommunication. You tend to beat around the bush and aren’t always straightforward with your decisions.

Playful and on-the-go, a woman who prefers soft-textured bangs is curious about the world and takes life one day at a time.

Wavy Bangs

Woman with wavy bangs

Curly and wavy bangs are similar styles that usually follow the hair type. These bangs are cut straight across and always styled with some weight or volume. Wavy bangs are perfect for high, broad foreheads to create a full appearance on the face.

If you have wavy bangs, you likely have attractive facial features and a matching personality to boot. You are always smiling and seeing the best in people, and others may even assume that strangers are your best friends. You are conscious about your body and often get into the latest diet fads, even though you know that you just need to be comfortable in your own skin.

You are bubbly, approachable, and eloquent. People always wait for what it is you’re going to say.

Side-Parted Bangs

Also called side-swept bangs, this style is typical among women who trim their hair at a specific length over and over. The side part directs layered bangs to fall down one side of the face, giving an asymmetrical look.

If you have side-parted bangs, you have no issues blending in with the crowd and like to keep to your comfort zone. However, you are a very determined person who will go out of your way to help someone out. Your style is polished, elegant, and consistent. Others turn to you when they need diplomacy in situations because you seem to never lose your cool.

Gorgeous and mature, a woman who wears her bangs swept to the side is thoughtful and smart, with the occasional humor perfect for handling groups of people.

Fluffy Bangs

Fluffy bangs are teased to float almost weightlessly over the forehead. The thick, straight-cut bangs are considered retro, with only actresses and models attempting to pull off the look nowadays.

If you have fluffy bangs, you are oozing with self-confidence and are born to perform. Your style is known to be classic vintage, with natural makeup, bright red lipsticks, or a shiny lip gloss. You keep your hair in a tidy updo and dye it a solid color. However, you can be a bit fussy, especially if things aren’t being done your way.

Traditional, strict, and extremely focused, a woman who can pull off the fluffy bangs are attentive and loyal to their families and friends.

Bang Care Tips

Woman with bangs

Anybody who says that bangs are relaxed and stress-free must have never experienced having them. It can be incredibly high maintenance and would require hair products, styling tools, and even regular visits to the salon. While it definitely gives off a distinct aura, young girls and women have to work hard to earn that perfect look.

To start, you should have already considered your lifestyle when choosing to sport a fringe. If you are a heavy sleeper and prone to snoozing your alarm clock, you likely won’t have enough time to fix up your hairstyle for the whole day.

Knowing your hair type will help you identify which hair products to stock up on and habits to avoid. For example, your bangs should be kept dry at all times to maintain its form. When you touch them, the oil from your hands can add to the greasiness. This also includes your moisturizer and sunscreen, even without makeup.

If you don’t like to over-wash your hair, invest in a good dry shampoo to make sure your fringe keeps its texture and stays in top shape. Dry shampoo uses starch-based active ingredients to soak up the scalp oil and sweat from your hair. This makes it easier to style minus the hassle. However, make sure you wash your bangs every two days to keep it from acting out.

Are you wondering about hairsprays? 

Hairsprays tend to keep your hair together when applied carelessly and in bad weather. Still, you might be able to find humidity-resistant hairsprays that can do the trick.

The most important thing you need to accept is that breakouts are inevitable. When you have bangs, your forehead is automatically prone to acne, especially in warm weather or if you regularly work out. Your body naturally produces sweat, and you must keep your forehead clear when doing physical activities.

And when there’s sweat, there’s frizz. Expect your hair to be harder to control during the summer months when it’s hot, and your bangs have nowhere else to go but down and flat. Opt for hairstyles that would fare better outside, or avoid going out if you’re more concerned about your fringe’s health.

Lastly, wearing bangs isn’t for everyone. No matter how you tell your stylist to give you the French girl fringe or side-swept bangs to fit your bob, it will never look exactly the same as your fave celeb, at least in the beginning.

How Do I Grow Out My Bangs?

Now, if you’ve had bangs for quite some time, you must have felt the itch to grow them out at some point. But anyone who has pulled off a fringe understands that growing them out is even harder than keeping them!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as awful as you imagine. Here are four great tips to help you grow them out and transition into a non-fringe hairstyle.

  1. Follow your regular trim schedule to avoid split ends and damaged hair.
  2. Style them differently each time by applying wax or pomade, if needed.
  3. Keep the moisture in by washing regularly.
  4. Use hair accessories like scarves, headbands, and pins to maintain a clean look.
  5. Twist them up into braids at their most awkward phase.

The good news is, with the right determination and patience to pull off your desired look, your bangs will grow out the way you want it to. Whether you are sporting bangs or moving on from them, always follow the tips from your stylist!

But I Don’t Have Bangs…Yet

If you are not familiar with your face shape and hairstyle, consult with a senior stylist who has experiences dealing with hair types of different customers. Your personality and lifestyle play a massive role in determining the kind of bangs that will best suit you, and it may not entirely depend on your facial features.

For example, if you are an athlete, you want to have long bangs that are easy to put up with a headband or pins. It would be troublesome to keep wiping wisps of hair that fall loose on top of your forehead because they’re either too short or too thick.

This also applies to women who wear a headscarf in their religious practice. Nothing stops you from enjoying any hairstyle that you want. Still, it is vital to consider the level of maintenance you are willing to commit once you have bangs.

At the end of the day, your bangs should give you more confidence despite camouflaging some of your physical features. You know yourself better than anyone else, so choose your bangs wisely and confidently!

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