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Find the Best Style of Bangs for Your Face Shape

In case you go for right bang styles, you will have softened features and an edgy look. If you pull off bangs in the proper way and make them go with your face shape, you will create a stunning and alluring look. Thus, find the best style of bangs for your face shape.

1.  Taylor Swift’s Lash-Touching Bang

Taylor Swift makes her lash touching bang go ideally with her heart face. Cut your bang longer and make it touch your eyelashes. Hawkins recommends going for horizontal lines to make your features softer. Oval-faced women may also opt for blunt bangs. You had better make your bang straight using a blow dryer and a round blush. Consider that your bang should be completely dry before cutting it.

2.  Emma Stone’s Brow-Touching Bang

Consider one of the best styles of bangs for your face shape. Emma Stone opts for a brow-touching and straight bang, which looks great with her round face. Square-faced women may also try this style of bang. For an edgy look blow-dry your bang and then use a flat iron. Hawkins recommends trimming your bang longer in order to avoid making it extremely short.

3.  Rachel Zoe’s Boho Bang

Oval-faced women may experiment with boho bangs like Rachel Zoe. Cut your bang, using a razor and make the center part shorter compared with the two sides. You may use those products, which you apply on your tresses. You may also apply a shine spray on your comb and brush your bang.

4.  Zooey Deschanel’s Parted Bang

Have a look at another best style of bang for your face shape. Copy Zooey Deschanel’s parted bang, which makes her blue eyes stand out. Making soft layers on the sides, she gets a feminine and stylish look. Zooey Deschanel pulls her tresses back and creates a fantastic makeup. Hawkins recommends making sure your makeup is completely absorbed and then you may let your bang fall on your forehead.

5.  Debby Ryan’s Side Bang

Side bangs are the trend of the season. They are among the best style of bangs for your face shape. Debby Ryan matches the side bang with her loose curly tresses, dyed in a red hue. This bang looks fantastic with her round face. Use a round blush to blow-dry your bang. To get rid of frizz, you had better apply hairspray.

Thus, make your choice among the best style of bangs, and adjust them with your face shape.

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