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The Hottest Redheads of All Times

If you have made up your mind to go for complete hair color transformation, the red shade is the best option for this year. Have a look at the hottest redheads of all time.

1.  Amy Adams’ Red Hair

Wearing auburn hair and creating soft curls, Amy Adams managed to get extra texture. This celebrity is one of the hottest redheads of all time.

2.  Rihanna’s Red Hair

From 2014 Paris Fashion Week, you are offered Rihanna’s red hair. She rocked copper hair and looked edgy and thrilling.

3.  Kate Bosworth’s Red Hair

This beauty changed her blonde tresses into a crimson shade and became another hottest redhead of all time. Kate Bosworth sported this hair tone on her straight tresses.

4.  Evan Rachel Wood’s Red Hair

This celebrity spiced her blonde hair with a red hue. Evan Rachel Wood curled her hair ends and went for a side section.

5.  Bella Thorne’s Red Hair

This redhead rocked a strawberry blonde shade on her straight hair. Bella Thorne straightened her tresses, cut several layers and paired it with a full fringe.

6.  Demi Lovato’s Red Hair

In 2011, Demi Lovato changed her hair color and experimented with the dark cherry shade. She paired her hairstyle with a wine lipstick and a stylish hat.

7.  Connie Britton’s Red Hair

Connie Britton is among the hottest redheads of all time. She added highlights in a strawberry blonde shade and created waves for extra texture.

8.  Rita Hayworth’s Red Hair

Having deep brown tresses, Rita Hayworth decided to try the red hair color. This alluring shade looks great with her complexion.

9.  Julia Roberts’ Red Hair

Serge Normant dyes Julia Robert’s tresses in an auburn shade and adds soft waves. This look gives her a romantic and dramatic look.

10.  Britney Spears’ Red Hair

Get inspired by another hottest redhead of all time. Britney Spears styled a carmine hair color in 2014. She matched it with a pink lipstick and got a trendy look.

Get inspired by the celebrity’s red hair, and dye your hair in this tone. In this post, we have tried to provide you with the hottest redheads of all time.

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