Eyeliner Tips for Green Eyes

Woman with green eyes

Green is one of the most beautiful eye colors. There exist various tones of eyeliners, which perfectly go with your eye color. Below, we will post the best eyeliner tips for green eyes.

Consider the Color of Your Hair

Though it will seem rather rare, the color of your hair is very essential while picking the right shade of eyeliner. The advantage of green-eyed woman is that they may rock almost all hair colors and look fantastic. Consider that the color of your eyeliner shouldn’t be too dark compared with your hair tone in order to look balanced.

Eyeliner Tips for Green Eyes

Apply Eyeliner in a Green Shade during the Day

Green shaded eyeliner will look great with green eyes. This shade will highlight the beautiful color of your eyes. You had better apply this eyeliner during the day. In order not to lose your glamorous look, you are advised not to go for the green eyeliner.

Dark Shades for Green Eyes

If you want your eyes to look outstanding, pay attention to dark shades. Try brown or black-colored eyeliner for your green eyes. Skip applying light tones, as your green eyes will look pallid. Going for this eyeliner tip, your green eyes will look catchy.

Create Wide Eyes

If you are for wide eyes, you are recommended lining your upper lid. In case you desire your eyes to look narrow, you should make the line thicker and apply it on the outer part of your eyelid. You may also line your lower lid with eyeliner in a white shade.

Create Narrow Eyes

Here is another eyeliner tip for green eyes. You may create narrow eyes by lining both the upper and lower eyelids. You may even create wings, but they aren’t recommended wearing during the daytime.   

Apply Purple Shade on Your Green Eyes

The plum shade will go ideally with your green eyes. They will brighten your complexion and make your eyes astounding. This eyeliner tip also requires taking account your outfit and hair shade.

Various Types of Eyeliners

If you want your eyeliner to stay for a long time, you had better apply gel type of eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is another great type, you may go for. It is removed and applied quite easily.

Enjoy the amazing color of your eyes, considering these essential eyeliner tips.

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