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Stylish Bridal Hairstyles to Try This Year

Creating an amazing bridal hairstyle is the desire of each girl. For your wedding party, you are provided with the most stylish bridal hairstyles that are worth trying this year.

1.  Dianna Agron’s Bridal Hairstyle

Try a classic and stylish bridal hairstyle, offered by Danilo. In Dianna Agron’s bridal hairstyle, there is movement and texture. She let her blonde tresses down, went for a side section. She swept her front hairpieces back with a stylish brooch. This hairstyle looked ideal with her off-shoulder gown.

2.  Lea Michele’s Bridal Hairstyle

It is one of the most stylish bridal hairstyles to try this year. Mark Townsendcreated a splendid chignon on Lea Michele’s hair. After blow dying, he created soft ringlets and then used pins to get a chignon. There were several layers let out, which framed her face.

3.  Leighton Meester’s Bridal Hairstyle

To get Leighton Meester’s stylish hairstyle this year, you should create a chic half-up and half-down hairstyle. Make slight waves with your chestnut brown tresses and achieve a perfect bridal hairstyle.

4.  Claire Danes’ Bridal Hairstyle

Danes’ bun hairstyle is a great option for brides this year. Peter Butler creates a side section and several layers. Then the hairstylist teases the top part of her head to get volume and uses pins to create a bun hairstyle.

5.  Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Bridal Hairstyle

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ballerina bun hairstyle is your great option, if you look for a stylish bridal hairstyle this year. She wears it on the top of her head.

6.  Jessica Alba’s Bridal Hairstyle

Robert Ramos created one of the stylish bridal hairstyles this year on Jessica Alba’s tresses. The hairstylist used a diffuser to create waves, middle sectioned her hair and created two French braids, taking hair from each part. Then he brought them back and created a splendid bridal hairstyle.

7.  Leighton Meester’s Bridal Hairstyle

Charles Baker Strahan recommends going for Leighton Meester’s bridal hairstyle. Her curly updo hairstyle with several loose pieces makes her look alluring.

8.  Kate Hudson’s Bridal Hairstyle

David Babaii offers you another stylish bridal hairstyle to try this year. This hairstylist dries Hudson’s tresses with a blow dryer and creates a low braid, tying with a nice elastic. As for her bang, David uses a flat iron and brings it to one side.

9.  Evangeline Lilly’s Bridal Hairstyle

To get a romantic look at your wedding party, try Evangeline Lily’s stylish bridal hairstyle this year. Patrick Gagaille dried Lily’s tresses with a blow dryer and a round brush. Then, he used a curling iron to create curls, straightening the roots. For a final look, the hairstylist applied hairspray.

10.  Anne Hathaway’s Bridal Hairstyle

Anne Hathaway’s ponytail hairstyle is your key to a successful look on your wedding day. Danilo pulled her hair back and created a ponytail hairstyle. Finally, he applied hairspray.

Take into account your hair type and length and try any of these stylish bridal hairstyles this year. 


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