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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Wigs

Every once in a while you’ll have that costume party you want to attend or an event which would call for a whole new look. One of the best ideas to achieve this, in my opinion, is to wear wigs. Wigs can be worn for special occasions or even everyday depending on the kind of wig you’re wearing. When wearing wigs though, there are some things you should remember to look and feel good while being able to make the most out of your wig.


  • If you plan on using the wig on a daily basis, find one which has a natural-looking hairline. These wigs are bound to be more expensive, but will replicate the natural look of your hairline.
  • Decide whether you would like to have wigs made from real human hair or synthetic materials. Real human hair can be ironed, curled, pinned up, and styled—basically like your real hair. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, have their own limitations. Real hair is more expensive, but there are also high-end synthetic wigs which function very much like real hair that also have expensive price tags.
  • Take care of your wigs by placing it on a wig head. This will help keep its form longer.
  • Clean your wigs after you use them. Real and synthetic wigs will benefit from gentle shampooing and conditioning. Brush them out gently as well when they’re no longer wet.
  • If you’re using wigs on a daily basis, don’t switch colors everyday unless you really feel like doing this and it is known to everyone that you’re wearing wigs. Let the color “grow on you” first before switching to a new color.
  • Apply some serum for shine and control. There are times when the wig would have a bad hair day too! Some styling products can help you have more control over it.
  • When using colored wigs for costumes and events, the same rules apply when taking care of them.

Remember that wigs must be taken care of as if they are your own hair to maintain that perfect hair day look. Remember these tips and you and your wig will look great!

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