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Looking Good on the Ski Slopes

Woman skiing in the Alps

How often have you breathed in that cold air as you swoop down the slopes, and felt the spray of fine white powdery snow on your cheeks?  You step off the slopes and in front of a mirror, and find that instead of looking like a rosy-cheeked ski bunny, you look like a chapped, flushed mess of a human with your hair both matted to your scalp and tangled beyond measure.

Here are a few tricks to making sure that you can stroll straight from the black diamond run to the lodge and still look ready to glow.

  • In advance, a hydrating mask will help protect and nourish your hair. While on the slopes, try pinning your hair into a low bun or braiding it down your back.  That will help keep the tangles to a minimum and will help camouflage that flatness from your helmet.
  • We know to wear sunscreen on a regular basis, but when you are facing the direct sun from above and the reflected sun from the snow, it is more essential that ever. Plus it helps reduce the goggle tan that has snuck up on all of us.
  • Never go to the slopes without your lip balm containing SPF of at least 15. The sun and the cold and the wind all combine into one set of painfully chapped lips.  Make it tinted and you are a step ahead of the game!
  • Waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara can go a long way to making you look polished in the après-ski lounge. Adding a few quick swipes of a foundation stick can help blend away the redness, and your skin will glow without looking overly made up.

Do you have any personal tricks for looking your best on the slopes?

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