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How to Care for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can instantly give you a whole new look and make you look like a goddess with long flowing hair. Apart from adding length, you can also add a streak of a different color or several colors when you get hair extensions. Because of these reasons, using hair extensions as accessories to complete your look is a great idea!

However, there is the challenge of properly keeping them so that you can easily use them for the next occasion. Here are some tips on how you can care for your hair extensions and keep them in good condition longer:

  • Wash your hair extensions gently and in a downward motion. Don’t tangle them in the process of washing them. Use only warm or cold water. Never use very hot water because this may damage it.
  • Don’t brush your hair extensions while they are wet. This will lead to breakage. I leave my hair extensions hanging for a few hours until they’re dry before I brush them with a wide-toothed comb.
  • After detangling with a wide-toothed comb, you can use a finer comb to slowly fix the extension.
  • Have an area in your closet or vanity area where you can hang your hair extensions. This will help avoid having to roll it and being left with pre-curled looking extensions.
  • If you style your hair with heat stylers and extensions, have hair extensions used for curling and those which you use only for straight hair. This helps avoid the hassle of straightening out curled extensions and vice versa.
  • When hair extensions that haven’t been used for a while are becoming hard to untangle, take a tiny bit of leave-on product and smooth it throughout the length of the hair extensions. Begin untangling at the bottom section, slowly working your way up.
  • If your hair extensions are made of synthetic fiber, read the product details to see if you can use heat stylers on them. Generally, it would be best not to.
  • If your hair extensions are made with natural strands of hair, treat them as you would your hair and use gentle shampoos and conditioners to keep them in good shape.

Voila! Your hair extensions will last longer if you follow these tips!

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