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6 Totally Cool Retro Hairstyles for Women

Retro hairstyles are always styled by celebrities, as they find them both trendy and cool. Each woman may create a cool retro hairstyle with big curls or just with straight locks. Wearing a retro hairstyle, you will add a new touch to your look.

In this post, we have collected 6 totally cool retro hairstyles for women, worth your great attention.

1.  Beyonce’s Finger Waves

It is proved that Beyonce can experiment with any hairstyle and look astounding. The short finger waves provide her with a classic and fine look. You may also notice her bold and brave character in this retro hairstyle.

2.  Rihanna’s Pinned Updo Hairstyle

At New Year’s Eve, Rihanna shocked the public with her pinned updo hairstyle. Her prima donna look became a great inspiration for women, seeking for a cool retro hairstyle. This sleek and smart hairstyle gave her a glamorous look.

3.  The Splendid Flapper Bob Hairstyle

2013 was the year of the splendid flapper bob hairstyle. We have no doubt that 2014 will also keep this retro style and make each woman wear it for a gorgeous look.

4.  Dita Van Teese’s Fantastic 40s Waves

No other celebrity may inspire you so much than Dita Van Teese with her fantastic 40s waves. This retro hairstyle added attractiveness and glamour to her dark black locks.

5.  The Beehive Hairstyle

Here is another cool retro hairstyle option for women. Do not hesitate to go for big and high hairstyles. You just need to tease your hair a lot and apply hairspray.

6.  Janelle Monae’s Amazing Pompadour

Have a look at one of the best retro hairstyles for women. Janelle Monae is well known not only in the world of music but she is also famous for her fantastic pompadour style.

Though there are many other retro hairstyles for women that may inspire you, these celebrity retro styles are really worth trying.

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