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Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Cara Delevingne with dark eye makeup and red lipstick

Excited to explore the upcoming new makeup and beauty trends? Well, how about getting more detailed information about the top spring 2014 beauty trends? To do so simply take a sneak peek and see what’s considered in this spring and start planning your brand new look!

Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Orange Nails and Lips

Well after the unforgettable impact of neon hints, orange hints are expected to be seen among all fashion shows. So, if you are looking forward to update your look you have to consider this new beauty trend for this spring 2014.

Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends


Well, don’t be surprised to hear, dancing is one of the activities that is set to be considered as the trendiest for this spring 2014, so if you were looking for a creative way to workout you can follow this new exciting trend and attend dance classes.

Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Pixie Cuts

Yes, great news for those of you who are still showing off a stylish pixie cut! The gorgeous  pixie well-known due to some of our beloved celebs like Miley Cyrus still remains in the top charts of beauty trends for this spring 2014.

Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Nail Trends

We all had a chance to enjoy showing off cool nail art designs, graphic prints and eye-catching colors so it is kind of logical to see simplicity dominating in the new nail trends.

Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Hair Color Trend

Ok ladies get ready to for a radical change of your image as bleach blonde and platinum blonde are the two main hair colors that are considered as the most in this year!

Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Floral Scents

And to be more specific rose-based scents are also another beauty trend expected to dominate this spring 2014 as most of our favorite labels are planning to launch attractive rose based fragrances that promise to become one of our latest obsession this spring!

Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

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