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Popular Beauty Trends to Say Goodbye To In 2014

Well, 2013 is already in the past and apparently it took some beauty and fashion trends with it too. Thus, follow reading below and find out some of the most popular beauty trends that you must say goodbye to in 2014! Are ready to see what’s in the list? Here we present!

Teeth Embellishments

Grills were something that we were shocked to see the very first time, which means that our beloved celebs didn’t fail to provoke. Famous stars just as Rihanna, Madonna and Katy Perry were among the celebs that weren’t afraid to show of the daring trend of 2013. However, grills are already considered out of trend.

Ombre Hair

Well, it is an obvious fact that ombre hair had their year of fame and it was in 2013. We barely can remind of any star that didn’t show off the ombre trend for at least once. In fact unlike the previous beauty trend that was mostly popular among celebs the trend of ombre hair color was something that most of fashionistas tried to show off. However this is also another beauty trend that is out of style and it is not expected to be seen in 2014, so my dears it is time to get rid of your favorite ombre style.

The Duckface Obssession

It’s been more than a year since this facial expression became very, very popular. In fact many young fashionistas still seem obsessed with it but sorry to disappoint you my dears, the so called “Duckface” trend is left in 2013, so start practicing the naturally beautiful, straight smile that you used to have.

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