Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

By on September 2, 2013
Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs
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Nail art is one of the most creative ways of showing off your fashion awareness, as it gives you a chance to use both your talent and your skills in order to create nail designs that will bring you to the spotlight. In fact, there are so many things that can serve as a source of inspiration for nail art! One of them appears to be pop culture! Never thought of it? Well, check out these pop-culture nail art designs and give them a try!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Little Mermaid Nails

Have you ever thought of illustrating your favorite cartoon on your nails? All you need for this pop culture nail art is practice! Once you learn how to do it you’ll find yourself obsessed with it!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Lord of the Rings Nails

Especially for those of you whose favorite movie is Lord of the Rings, this pop culture nail art is just perfect! This fun nail design will enrich your entire look and add a creative touch to it!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Beauty and The Beast Nails

Another pop culture nail art that you’ll fall in love with is the one of The Beauty and The Beast! Look at the color, isn’t it just adorable?

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Nightmare on Elm Street Nails

This pop culture nail art example is just perfect for Halloween as “Nightmare on Elm Street” used to be one of the scariest movies!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Up Nails

Ok, young fellows, admit it this movie is the most beautiful thing that we’ve all ever seen! Now you can go for this pop culture nail art design, inspired by “Up” and keep the colorful, positive mood!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Snow White Nails

Snow White nails! What can be better than having your favorite cartoon designed on your nails? Try this unique nail art and impress everyone around you!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Tetris Nails

Do you remember this old game that all of us used to enjoy playing? Tetris nails aren’t practical, but they definitely take creativity to another level.

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Spongebob Squarepants Nails

Even nowadays this cartoon is very popular thanks to the positive atmosphere that it creates. Now don’t miss the chance to illustrate your favorite characters on your nails!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

Harry Potter Nails

A book character that if not all then most of us know very well, a story that made all of us beg for magic powers, Harry Potter was and still is an obsession and nothing could be more attractive than a pop culture nail art inspired by Harry Potter!

Pop-Culture Nail Art Designs

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